Stand by your man (or woman).

On Monday, my friend, Cindy Beall, wrote a great post on “Sweet Talk”.  It was a mighty nice reminder to say sweet things about my husband when his name comes up around others – and certainly around him.  Probably nothing emasculates him more than when I take cheap shots .  And, sometimes we do it as a joke at their expense.  You know what I’m talkin’ about. 

However, repeating “Taklisms” are allowed and even embraced.  I’ll fill you in on Taklisms on another day.  And, if I forget, remind me.

I’ve been around girls who rip their husbands up and down and to and fro.  They make me feel like either I’m married to a saint or their husband is Darth’s cousin twice-removed.  I’m sure neither is true.  But boy do our words pierce hearts.

I don’t get this right all of the time.  I sometimes slip.

But, I try to represent.  (That’s Puff Daddy or P Diddy or Mac Daddy or whatever talk for bringing the best out, giving respect to, or standing up for.)

Do you represent?


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7 responses to “Stand by your man (or woman).

  1. Work it.

    I think I represent.


  2. Judy

    “And show the world you love him”….I love that song lol

  3. That was really good! I do thank Bruce as he does things for me. If we do slip, maybe make it up by 10 times rebuilding, but adding extra kudo’s in their corner, because they do try to please their woman, or man! We paint the picture of who they are as we add to their character, don’t we? Great reminder Dusty!

  4. I love to represent! My man is so great and it’s fun to puff him up around people

  5. miket.

    Whoop-whoop. I don’t have a response to this particular blog, this is a general whoop-whoop, just because. Love ya, mean it.

  6. I’m pretty sure, if He gives me another opportunity, I can get it right this time. Words are something I love. So many words have lost their true significance in today’s speak. I care so much about the words I use concerning and around others what I need to be more careful around is how I respect myself, the words I speak to, about, and over myself. Old tapes just don’t seem to de-magnitize no matter how many magnets I hang around my neck. 🙂

  7. michel

    eh – this has just become an issue. lately, i’ve found myself in the company of some women who complain about their husbands. i feel bad that i have nothing to add to the conversation. i don’t want to brag about what a great one i’ve got so i’ll throw in an annoying habit for good measure. i need to stop that. 🙂

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