Game Day

Tomorrow, people from obscure little towns to major cities around this nation will unite with their team colors of choice in stands, on college parking lots, in sports bars, and in living rooms of friends.   

To lift up their team mascot to the Lord.

To inhale chicken wings and chips.

To yell at coaches and players who cannot hear their words of sideline advice.

To talk smack.

‘Because it’s the only American thing to do when the coin is tossed.

Kick-off is upon us folks.  I like to talk smack about my Georgia Dawgs to these crazy Sooner fans out here.  But, I must be honest.  If my number one ranked Bulldogs don’t pull through tomorrow, I will be okay.  Because, I, too will have inhaled my fair share of a fine football spread – whether I’m watching the game or not.  And, let’s face it.  Nothing is quite as satisfying as chips and queso. 

To my Georgia friends and family – and even my crazy Sooner friends and adopted family:

Goooooooooo Dawgs!  Sick ‘em. 

Hunker down. 

What are you doing game day?


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7 responses to “Game Day

  1. We are avoiding the pigskin altogether and going to the Celebrate Freedom Event at the GA Horse Park. Gonna hear Third Day and a lot of other great artists. Will eat a lot of event food though! Or tailgate in the parking lot. Have fun!

  2. I don’t think they’re televising the UGA vs. Ga. Southern game 😦
    Hopefully, we’ll be able to at least listen to it on the radio.

  3. I am so happy football is back. I will be glued to the TV

  4. Betsey

    We will be between the hedges! Can’t wait to see the new baby UGA.

  5. Ken M.

    Be at the game!! Go Dawgs. See you there.

  6. Des

    I thought the UW Huskies were the original Dawgs. Maybe Georgia copied them?

  7. Christie

    Those dawgs BARELY won today– wonder what the season will hold?;-)

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