I get letters.

In my inbox.  Who uses snail mail anymore?

My very good friend, Kate, e-mailed me last Friday about her sweet time she had with Jesus that morning.  Something she said really got to me.

“No matter how much I have in my life that I don’t want, I HAVE SO MUCH in my life THAT I DO WANT!  There are blessings all around me that I can overlook by searching for a certain blessing.”

How often I have those little aha moments (thanks, Oprah).  And, how often I let my search for other things (or my discontentment with present things) rob me of the blessings that are staring me square in the face. 

I tried to impart this message to my children Friday night. They sat at their cute little table eating their hotdogs, chips and grapes – an obvious dinner of champions.  I didn’t nuke these wieners in the microwave.  Nosireebob.  They were grilled, baby.  One would think that they would have appreciated the pig on their plate, but all they could say was “Mom, you forgot our drinks!” 

Such Friday night kitchen efforts, ahem, meant nothing to my precious gifts from God.  I forgot to serve them an ice cold beverage.

It’s hard to expect my little ones to grasp this kind of gratitude when I so easily forget my own blessings.  But, I’m learning. 

By the way, here are Kate and I circa 1989.

What?  You didn’t accent turquoise turtlenecks with purple cardigans?  We didn’t even have to try to look that cool.  It just came naturally.  With the help of hot rollers, of course.  I don’t think I’ve said the word hot roller since 1990.  Blessed be His name.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Let today be a day that we are thankful for we DO have.  Amen, Sister Kate?



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17 responses to “I get letters.

  1. Judy

    That picture reminds me of “mama, mama the house is on fire”…wow you girls have grown into beautiful young women…always be thankful for what you DO have!

  2. Bonnie

    of course Kate gets her picture on here before mine…(heehee)

  3. Betsey

    Lord, Dusty, you didn’t even have to give us the date. The hair alone says “eighties” all over it. And do I see a hint of shoulder pads? Naw, I guess you girls were too young for shoulder pads.

    Judy, I had completely forgotten about “House is on fire!” A true classic, of course.

  4. I love the reminder, it is good to reflect on the blessings, we know they are there, but forget to enjoy them. Good thoughts for this new week, Dusty. love, lynn

  5. Michelle

    Dusty, the picture alone shows you are blessed. Yes, blessed with that beautiful big hair! I love it!

    Thanks for pointing out what should be so obvious, but sometimes goes unnoticed. The every day blessings that are looking us right in the face.

    Have a BLESSED week. 🙂

  6. shelley

    I love it! Where else can you get comedy AND a lesson on gratitude.

  7. Nice story, better picture

  8. Of course those colors went together. (I need to believe they did…)
    Where are your twister beads?

    It definitely is hard to teach gratitude to the youngins. Harder than I expected for sure.

  9. Doug

    Brings back memories of the old Hosanna days with the bar in the background. This coming from an Original Hosanna Dancer.

  10. Dusty Takle

    Bonnie, I saw that one coming 🙂

    Betsey, Oh dear. That just might be shoulder pads there.

    Lynn, I have to be reminded often!

    Michelle, I like big hair. Don’t think I haven’t thought about breaking out those rollers or hot sticks. God bless the twisty hot sticks.

    Shelley, I’m here all week. Try the veal!

    Kim, twister beads are there. I’m sure of it.

    Doug, don’t make me break out those pics. Don’t make me!

  11. Judy


  12. Dennis

    Hot Rollers-LOL! This picture makes me think that you just left the pep rally thinking two things:
    1) Vanilla Ice was the best thing since parachute pants and
    2) The Keywanettes are the “coolest”!

    What was Kate’s last name?


  13. Julie

    Girl, you better get off Anna’s clothes choices. At least she’s young enough not to know better!

  14. Hot rollers are from the Lord.


  15. kristen fountain

    I send snail mail to my mama and my Mimi!!

  16. Judy

    I HEAR YA CINDY…..!!!!!!

  17. Kate

    Ok, yes I guess I do use snail mail. Funny thing is…. I didn’t know it was snail mail. Haha

    Bonnie, Come on girl! We’ve been going over this for years now. You know I’m Dusty’s favorite. heehee

    Who is Dennis, and why do you want my last name???????? 🙂

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