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Thankful Today.

Today, I wake up, and I’m just thankful.  Brushing Anna’s hair this morning, I think, “I get to brush this little girl’s hair.”  God gave this funny, beautiful girl, who never turns down center stage, to me.

 I look at John Henry who is protecting his bowl of cereal like it is last and think, “How am I so blessed that he lives in the same house with me?” 

And, then the littlest guy decides today is the day he finally recognizes daylight savings time change, and he sleeps until 8:00am.  I think, “Is he the most perfect baby boy in the universe?”  In my little world, in my family of five plus a dog and a cat, he is.

I notice how my husband makes the coffee.  He reads the big kids today’s school lunch menu, and he, subsequently, makes John Henry his own lunch to carry.  Food is a big deal to this kid, if you didn’t already notice this by the invisible fort he built around his morning breakfast.  And, I think, “I am married to man who never, ever complains about anything.  Ever.” 

I pour my coffee, and I think about how I walk into my local church, and how much love I feel from everyone there.  I think, “Do I have the most incredible church family in the world?”  I do.

And, then I think about my salvation.  I don’t even use the word, “salvation” a lot.  Is that odd?  Perhaps.  But, I think about it today.  I think, “Wow.  God gave me this gift of grace, and look what I have received by way of it.”  I don’t ever want to lose the joy of my salvation. 

So, here I sit behind this computer, and I write a post on a subject I think would be more fitting for next week.  A Thanksgiving post, if you will.  But, I’m thankful today. 

Let’s face it.  Some days, we just notice things more than others.  It makes us thankful.

Today is one of those days. 

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!  His faithful endures forever.  1 Chronicles 16:34


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I get letters.

In my inbox.  Who uses snail mail anymore?

My very good friend, Kate, e-mailed me last Friday about her sweet time she had with Jesus that morning.  Something she said really got to me.

“No matter how much I have in my life that I don’t want, I HAVE SO MUCH in my life THAT I DO WANT!  There are blessings all around me that I can overlook by searching for a certain blessing.”

How often I have those little aha moments (thanks, Oprah).  And, how often I let my search for other things (or my discontentment with present things) rob me of the blessings that are staring me square in the face. 

I tried to impart this message to my children Friday night. They sat at their cute little table eating their hotdogs, chips and grapes – an obvious dinner of champions.  I didn’t nuke these wieners in the microwave.  Nosireebob.  They were grilled, baby.  One would think that they would have appreciated the pig on their plate, but all they could say was “Mom, you forgot our drinks!” 

Such Friday night kitchen efforts, ahem, meant nothing to my precious gifts from God.  I forgot to serve them an ice cold beverage.

It’s hard to expect my little ones to grasp this kind of gratitude when I so easily forget my own blessings.  But, I’m learning. 

By the way, here are Kate and I circa 1989.

What?  You didn’t accent turquoise turtlenecks with purple cardigans?  We didn’t even have to try to look that cool.  It just came naturally.  With the help of hot rollers, of course.  I don’t think I’ve said the word hot roller since 1990.  Blessed be His name.

Be thankful in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you who belong to Christ Jesus.  1 Thessalonians 5:18

Let today be a day that we are thankful for we DO have.  Amen, Sister Kate?



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