I’m coming out of the closet.

You didn’t ask for it. 

Here are some things you never wanted to know about me:

I’ve gone an entire day without showering.  More than once.

I can eat the biggest bowl of cereal you’ve ever seen.  Then, go for seconds.

I’m the mom who forgets Show-and-Tell days at school.

Sometimes I pray and my mind wonders off – and I forget that I was praying.

I’m insecure in the kitchen.

I want my kids to think I’m cool.  Karate moves don’t help.

I laugh uncontrollably when someone falls down or bumps their head.

I’m easily startled.

Sometimes, I yell at my children.

I often work out then come home and eat more calories than I burned.

Sometimes, I speak without thinking and regret it later.

I have hurt people.

I’m not the best driver.

I have a lot to learn.

God loves me still.

Your turn.  Anything hiding in your closet?


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11 responses to “I’m coming out of the closet.

  1. If I did post like this it might be scary or it might be funny or both! Yours was both!

  2. manymeadows

    Are you talking about me again? 🙂

  3. Brittany

    Not sure if I should reveal this or not, but I’ve definitely gone more than a day without showering. Perhaps 2. More than once. Yikes. LOL.

  4. MikeT.

    I wash my hands alot, no really alot.
    Sometimes I am short tempered.
    My mouth says things that my mind hasn’t fully processed. This happens several times a day.
    I can be judgemental, then beat myself up for being judgemental.
    I buy shoes. I can’t go in a shoe store without buying shoes. I LOVE SHOES!
    No matter how I screw things up, God still uses me. That blows my mind.
    I could go on but won’t for the sake of any small children that may be reading this, jk, jk.

  5. Scott, you must. I just gotta see that one!

    Robin, please, please tell me you have yelled at your children. If you haven’t, then I certainly have NO excuses!

    Britt, yes, you reveal too much. Just funnin’. I have a feeling that all ten of my readers have also skipped a day (or two).

    MikeT, shoes are blessings from the the Lord on high. I know. He told me.

  6. Whooooaaaa! Talk about a risk that “people will judge” but not God? Here goes one or two of my flaws. But thank God He does remind me of His love every day, even through people! lol, and sometimes I even “wonder” why people say nice things to me? Why they like me? lol, weird, but true! Insecurity, i know….but a couple of flaws of mine is: I get mad at people when they don’t go to Church, but I don’t stay mad. lol, I dislike sitting near a talker at Church. (hang up of mine) When others want me to pray, but they are confessing their unbelief right after the prayer of faith?” Another flaw of mine is: I dread things alot, worry, uh, but then pray and things work out, I always think of that movie, Forrest Gump”, stupid is, as stupid does” when I do things like eat junk and then “wonder” why i don’t lose weight”?? ha ha! Ok, that’s enough! lol, love ya’ll! Thank God His love covers our mistakes, flaws, sins.

  7. Amanda Morgan

    I’m not sure any of us are ready for this…

    I read Dusty’s blog when I should be working…
    I yell at my kids, sometimes more than I like… sometimes less than I should.
    I’ve gone all day without showering. More than once. Eeewwwww as Sammy would say.
    I speak without thinking and always regret it.
    I spend without thinking and always regret it.
    I have hurt people.
    I am insecure.
    I am a flip flop addict.
    I can’t go to Target without buying Molly an outfit.
    I have begun smoking again since the crash in March and I hate myself for it.
    As a result of the smoking I have lost most of my baby weight and I love it. Still no excuse to smoke and I still hate myself for it.
    I am a fast driver.
    Chocolate Hostess donuts and a big glass of skim milk are my weakness.
    I would rather watch Sponge Bob than the local news.
    Glenn Beck is my hero.
    I miss Ronald Reagan.
    I have so much to learn.

  8. Lynn, I thank God His love covers our stuff, too!!!!

    Amanda, you give some of the best comments. You are so real. And, there is no shame in chocolate hostess donuts.

  9. Ron Jon

    Shower – what’s a shower. I’ve gone days in a row before. Isn’t that what deodorant is for?

    I obsess.

    “I smoke on the weekend”…then do it on Monday or Tuesday.

    I had to change the phrase ” I know _____” with the phrase “I’ve heard _____”. Cause the reality is, all that I thought I knew, is really just what I heard, but I thought I needed to say “I know ________” so I could impress God. Turns out He’s impressed with me no matter how ignorant I am.

    I’m lazy. There are people who have done far more with much less. I’m blessed but I don’t always use it.

  10. Des

    More than once a day I’ll find myself getting up from my desk and walking down the hall only to find myself forgetting what it is that I got up for.

  11. bobbijo

    me too! all of those

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