My big fat weekend.

As if the splendor of HSM3 (that’s High School Musical 3 for all of those with children over 14) wasn’t enough, we took the weekend fun a step further and attended the Greek Festival. 

I’ve wanted to attend the festival every October that I have lived here.  This year, with the encouragement of my friend, Irene, the kids and I went.  Irene and I go to the same gym, except she actually looks like she goes.

As soon as we arrived, we seized the chance for these great photo ops.

Then, Anna had this beautiful Greek butterfly painted on her face.  Well, I don’t know that it was necessarily a Greek butterfly, but it was a Greek Festival.  So, one can only assume such.

I e-mailed this picture to Kris who is “working” in Vegas.  He asked me to explain his “daughter giving that pose.”

I just realized that when I squeezed working in between quotation marks above, it may have given off the impression that he is involved in a Vegas prostitution ring.  Not so.  He really is working.  It just seems that trying not to roll a seven is hardly work.

I purchased some Greek coffee from the festival’s store.  (Thanks, Kristen.)  It will be a little more labor-intensive to make since it’s not coffee-pot friendly.  You make it on the stove, and when it goes POOF, it’s ready.  At least, that’s what Irene told me.  I’ll keep you posted on that one.

And, this is why I am converting to the Greek Orthodox Church:

Not every day you see that in church.  Have a good Monday.






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11 responses to “My big fat weekend.

  1. To bad we missed it; sounds like alot of fun! I’m glad I learned what it was because I would drive by there every year and think it had something to do with church. A Big Greek Revival… seriously I’m not very smart!

  2. Brenda

    THe coffee going “Poof” sounds more like “Jiffy Pop” Popcorn! Next time make sure you switch the kids around and take another picture of Anna in the guy stuff and JH in the girl…THey will think they look even funnier!

  3. Judy

    Ahhhhhhhh to have a job like Kris… why didn’t you let jh take your picture as a Greek Cutie

  4. manymeadows

    Funny! Let us know about that Greek coffee!

  5. I drove by that about 6 times this weekend and should have stopped with the kiddos. JT has gone before and loved it.

    Did you yell “Opa!”?

  6. kristen fountain

    I thought it was funny for there to be beer and wine at the one that I was at, too…love the Greek! And the poofy stuff goes in the bottom of the cup, then there it’s kind of normal the rest of the way up…but dont drink the poofy stuff. it looks delicious,but it is not!!!

  7. Amanda Morgan

    We are looking for a new church…. Sounds right up our alley.

  8. MikeT.

    I need to go “work” in Vegas for a bit myself.

  9. Judy

    Seriously….you are enjoying your children and that makes me smile…so many let time pass by them and never live in the moment….and your kids are sooooo dang funny!!!!!!!

  10. Natalie, after the kids danced, everyone would yell “Opa!” You kind of get into it.

    MikeT, careful now. Vegas will bite you.

    Judy, first of all, I knew you’d love Kris’ “job”. I do enjoy my kids. Most days. Whenever Kris goes on a trip, I try to do something fun and different with the kids. There truly is never a dull moment, although, I do long for some dull moments at times.

  11. Shari Oliver

    so i’m a little behind on reading my blogs…YOU are a funny girl 🙂

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