The wardrobe saga continues.

Thirty-eight degrees outside.

And, this is what she put on.

“You’re going to freeze, Anna!  It’s very cold outside!”

“No, I won’t.  I’ll wear a jacket.”  She explained.


Watch your back and your over-sized shades, Rachel Zoe.  Anna Takle is hot on your trail.



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7 responses to “The wardrobe saga continues.

  1. Judy

    Heyyyyyyyy…look at those legs….I would wear shorts too :)…but, she already looks cold or mad lol

  2. kristen fountain

    hahaha….love that rachel zoe is tagged. she and anna are about the same size, anyway.

  3. Amanda Morgan

    That’s my girl, kicking the flip flops 365!

  4. Brenda

    Anna is still in Annaland and right now Annaland is still on vacation at the beach!!! Don’t ya wish we were all at the beach!!!!!!!!!

  5. All I can do is…..ha ha ha ha! Sooo cute is Anna Banana! Makes me work my muscles smiling, lol

  6. My youngest son (14) still doesn’t feel the cold! He wore shorts to work with his dad this morning. He’s the kid you’ll see with flip-flops on in the winter!

    She’s a cutie!

  7. Christie

    are you still trying to do that whole wardrobe fight….she’s smart, and i don’t think you really catch a cold by not wearing clothes… AND why would you give up the opportunity to gloat about being right when she comes in saying she is FREEZING??? play it smart girl! — and she does look good 😉

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