What kind of hugger are you?

I will be the first to admit. 

I’m not a big hugger.  Sure, sure I will squeeze my kids tighter than a pair of size 2 jeans, but I’m less likely to go full frontal with any of you.

I’m more of a side sweeper.  Heck, even a high five is okay with me.

This bothers some.  And, relieves other side sweepers and high-fivers.

Now, my friend, Doug Wesley?  He is a full frontal hugger.  Andbygolly, he’ll call you on it if you even attempt the side sweep.  For real.

Does this mean I have some unresolved issue that I need counseling for?  Or, am I just a product of the Buren Goss {that’s my Pops} school of hugging?

Are you a side sweeper or full frontal hugger?

*Necessary Note:  “Full Frontal” in no way denotes nudity in this post.  Mkay?


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18 responses to “What kind of hugger are you?

  1. Karen

    A pat on the shoulder, or a handshake, works really well for me. I’m not a touchy-feely person. Unless it’s my husband or children.

  2. Dennis Black

    I give the full frontal unless I don’t know the person that well. If that is the case it is the side swipe. It just seems so much more personal and intimate with the full hug. I guess I am just a really openly hugging guy. I will call people out on bad hugs, like a pat or someting and no body contact…..I actually love doing it and giving people crap!


  3. Judy

    Side Sweeper here…yo Daddy taught me too lol…I think that evolved from all the huggers 😉 you run into at churchhhhhhhh….lol….but there are some that I squeeze to my hearts content…I FEEL YOUR PAIN LOL

  4. Well, a friend just e-mailed me and said he has always been a side-sweeper, too. BUT, his full-frontal hugging friends become very offended when he doesn’t go full-frontal. SO, now he just goes full-frontal in an attempt to not offend. Hmmmm. I’m not there yet.

  5. Dusty ….do not neglect Big Hug TD(Terry Doss). He needs props here. He demands them often and with great squeeze like pressure. Does not matter, male or female Hugs to TD are frontal and meaningful. When TD hugs you, you have been Hugged. But I would take a high five from Durstee right now!

  6. Mom

    I have to agree with Mike…TD is a wonderful hugger…that’s why we call him Big Hug TD, also Doug is a wonderful hugger, he always makes you feel like you are the only one in his presence when you get a hug from him, and that you matter..Im sorry you got the side-sweeper from your Dad. I am just the opposite… I love hugs..But there is still time for you. I believe prayer always works…and I’m praying for you my awesome daughter…lol

  7. Amanda Morgan

    Full Frontal Hugger Babee!! Even if I don’t know ya I love ya and I share the love of Jesus!! So come’ere and give me a hug!!!!

  8. I didn’t grow up in a hugger family, but we’ve learned to become one, because there are several of my kids and my husband who are “touchers”. Now, that has been a bit of an issue w/ the ones who are “non-touchers”, but we’re working through it. Maybe we need counseling too 🙂

  9. I didn’t get hugs as a child, got Indian burns….from my Dad. My first hug was from Debbie Kaufman at EWC bout 21 yrs ago. She said God told her to hug me. Was good! But your Mama is my hugging buddy! She is a great hugger, I always try to find her to get my full frontal hug. With the guys, side swiper hug is BEST for me. I have had some offended because I didn’t hug but that way. My oldest brother makes fun of me, because of the side swiper hug. ha ha! But that is where I am comfortable today. Happy Weekend! Great blog!!! ha!

  10. Kate

    Being the daughter of “BIG HUG” TD, I LOVE hugs! What a great way to greet a friend. If it’s a close friend, I even like a quick exchange of a kiss on the cheek. xoxoxo

  11. Oh Dusty….I am a hugger but I don’t force hugging on anybody. I am cool with the side hug.

    But there are a couple people in OK that I am hugging big bear hugs many times!! I won’t make you full frontal…LOL but you are hugging me. Oh and I can guarentee tears, that I won’t be successful in holding back when I leave this time. Last time I was successful. I held them back until Robin and Dirk dropped me at the airport and then where no one could see me they ran down my face. 🙂 I am a sap.

  12. No full frontals with dudes.

    Now, I did hug you when I met you. That was our introductory hug, like a handshake, but using everything. Now, that will be the last one you get. Maybe.

  13. Ron

    The people needing counseling are not the ones who do the side hug but the ones who are offended because they didn’t get a certain type of hug… EWC counseling ministry is available … lol

  14. this is shari. i like amanda morgan…funny. i like hugs.all.of.em.

  15. ya know…i just like to hug! i am pretty frontal, i do have to say. not much up top for anyone to get all uncomfy with, ya know what i mean? now are you concerned i am gonna hug you a lot friend?

  16. Des

    I’ve compromised and have become an “A-Framer” from a hand shaker. You know like the cabins in the woods. My brother hugs like George Bush stands.

  17. Full frontal with the gals. I either use the side hug (self-explanatory) or the A-frame hug (front hug where your heads meet and you do a double pat on the back, but no body parts touch.)

    Just for the record, I’m gonna full frontal hug you always.

    Good times.

  18. I hug full on. And if I like you (and I do like you Dusty Takle) I’ll give you a “I’m-sure-glad-to-know-you” pat on the back when I hug ya.

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