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What kind of hugger are you?

I will be the first to admit. 

I’m not a big hugger.  Sure, sure I will squeeze my kids tighter than a pair of size 2 jeans, but I’m less likely to go full frontal with any of you.

I’m more of a side sweeper.  Heck, even a high five is okay with me.

This bothers some.  And, relieves other side sweepers and high-fivers.

Now, my friend, Doug Wesley?  He is a full frontal hugger.  Andbygolly, he’ll call you on it if you even attempt the side sweep.  For real.

Does this mean I have some unresolved issue that I need counseling for?  Or, am I just a product of the Buren Goss {that’s my Pops} school of hugging?

Are you a side sweeper or full frontal hugger?

*Necessary Note:  “Full Frontal” in no way denotes nudity in this post.  Mkay?


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