Wonder who will have the most eventful weekend?

I’m leavin’ on a jet plane.  I don’t know when I’ll be back again.  I really do know when I’ll be back.  Sunday.  Today, the little guy and I are headed south for one big wedding celebration.  John Henry will be bearing some rings, and I’ll be…Well, I’ll be waving and smiling at him as he walks down that aisle with those baby blues wearing a tux.  I really don’t have much of any consequence to write about today, not that this is any different from any other day.  But, thank you for indulging me still. 

Kris will be holding down the fort here in the great state of Oklahoma.  With Anna Takle. 

With Anna Takle.

Oh, what fun they are going to have.  He has promised to take her out on a date to some fancy schmancy restaurant where she can wear a dress and all the trimmings.  Why he seems to think he is going to win the fashion wars is nothing short of amusing, but he appears to be up for the challenge.   This fancy schmancy restaurant is Mahogany Prime Steakhouse – our date night of choice.  Anna, however, said that she prefers Mexican cuisine.  The girl loves chips and queso.  Can’t imagine where she gets that from, but it’s a trait I certainly admire.

I did offer to go ahead and make Anna’s lunch for pre-K on Friday, but Kris says he’s got it.  What he doesn’t realize is that he’s going to find himself pressed for time on Friday morning after spending most of it in Anna’s closet bribing her.  His choice.  Have fun, babe.  I do love you.  And, please take notes. 

Okay, that’s all I got.  For real. 


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8 responses to “Wonder who will have the most eventful weekend?

  1. Gailynn

    Well Dusty – Very eventful weekend for the Robinson’s – We will be traveling en’ mass to Savannah for the GRAND baby’s first birthday party!!! WOOOO HOOOO Going to be an grand and eventful weekend! Have fun and enjoy those baby blues – they grow up fast!!

  2. Judy

    Sounds like you and JH are going to be part of the perfect Fairytale weekend…..and I am veryyyyyyyy impressed by Mr. Kris….he too will have a Fairytale weekend with his little Princess….BE SAFE AND MAKE THE MOST OF EVERY SECOND!!!!

  3. haha…the sad thing is she’ll probably wear whatever he wants he to wear. Us girls are like that with our daddies 🙂

    Let us know about those weekend events….GA and OK! 🙂

  4. Kate

    I’m sooo excited you will be here this weekend!!!!!!!

  5. Brenda

    I think we should place bets on whether Anna wears the sparkling shoes from the other day’s post with her fancy dress! Can’t wait to see Johnry inhis tux with those beautiful eyes…I will have my handsome son with me at the wedding as a date too! This weekend will be a blast! I will have plenty of GBs on my flashcard for pictures!!!!!! see ya soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Amanda Morgan

    I want to see pictures of JH in his fancy schmancy tux and Miss Anna Banana in her princess dress with matching sparkle shoes. Can’t wait to find out what outfit she picks out. If Kris is anything like Jeff, she may walk out of the house looking like Rainbow Brite. It terrifies me what the boys look like when daddy is in charge of the wardrobe. They usually walk out the door in sweatpants, cowboy boots and muscle shirts. Nice. Redneck hillbilly. But I love’em. Each and every one of my Larry the Cable Guys. Have fun and be safe. As for us Morgans, we have nothing planned but a small date on Saturday night. Grandparents are taking the little people for a few hours so I can reacquaint myself with my husband…

  7. JOY

    We will be at Buddy Bear’s Playhouse Saturday for Bryson’s 8th Birthday so pray for me.lol
    Have a GREAT time in GEORGIA!!!

  8. So glad you are coming home. Can hardly wait to see JH in that tux also. However, I have two grandsons that will be wearing a tux for the wedding. Looking forward to seeing them as well.

    Hope Anna has a great time with Dad!!!

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