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I Was Out of Her Hair.

Anna had requested that I remain in the hospital an extra day or three, so she could tell everyone her mom is in the hospital.  And, I am aware that she eagerly ran to many of you boasting of her momma’s awesome accommodations.  Of course, I will admit…the hospital can be quite entertaining.  At least, my neighbors were.  I don’t think it’s appropriate to uncover on the world wide web those experiences; but, I will tell you I did have a nurse’s assistant who was very proud of her tattoos.  And, her evening wouldn’t have been complete without making sure I saw “cream de la cream” on her back side. 

The Lord liveth.  I do not lie.

Fortunately, Anna wasn’t around to witness that little occurrence, but she did attempt to record a little documentary of part of her hospital visit experience.  Watch out.  This ride may get a little bumpy.

And I wasn’t having a baby.  “That’s what’s clear,” Anna documented.

The day after I came home, Kris took the big kids on our already scheduled trip for Winter Break.  And, when Anna learned that I would not be joining them, Kris said she immediately broke out into song, “She’s out of our hair!” from Monster’s Inc. 

She is a clever one.  That is for sure.


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Conversations with Anna.

Let’s keep the next few Fridays a little light-hearted, shall we?  We shall, we shall.  With a Friday title such as “Conversations with Anna”, I don’t think we have a choice really.  I journaled many conversations and situations with the one and only Anna Takle while on my blogging hiatus.  I just hated for it not to be penned permanently.

We’ll call this conversation “Conversation Obama.”  Why do I feel like I’ve lost readers already?


We fly a lot. I am married to a pilot, after all.  I’ve pretty much mastered the art of occupying my children while in flight with books, games, activities and such.  Well, mastered up until Anna breaks out into…being Anna. 

Scene:  John Henry is drawing a picture of a man.

John Henry:  “It’s a president.  I’ll give you a hint.  He’s on the quarter.”

Anna:  “George Washington!”

John Henry:  “Yes!”

Anna:  “Wait.  But, George Washington has fluffy hair.  This man does not have fluffy hair.”


Me:  “Okay kids, who is on the penny?”

Anna:  “Obama!!!”

Yes, we still have a little way to go on learning our country’s presidents.  But, she did know that Lincoln was our sixteenth president.  And, well, that is something. 

Hail to the Chief.

And, Happy Birthday to my momma.  She’s never been a president.  But she loves me and keeps ALL of my youngins.  So, she wins.

Love you @bcgoss.


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The Secret of Her Success.

My young athlete scored 8 of her team’s 11 goals at Saturday’s soccer game.  She told her Nan,

“I just turned on my speed and asked God to help me.  But, don’t tell the green team.”

When I later asked Anna if she prayed to ask God to help her, she responded, “No, I didn’t pray, I just asked Him.” 

This is where her knowledge of God becomes relational.  Where talking to Him becomes second nature.  And, that makes a momma’s heart happy.

Except for when she shouted, “We win!  They lose!” 

Today’s Parenting Lesson:  Humility.


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She Marches To the Beat of A Different Drummer.


Anna had her Spring Music Program last night.  I requested she pose for a picture or two.  And, this is what she gave me.

I don’t know.  We don’t even ask any more. 

I caught a little video clip of her singing.  Pretty certain she knew she was being videoed. 

Annnnd, peace out.

Have a great weekend.


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These Are Things Money Can’t Buy.

If you’re tired of reading about how sweet my seven year old is, feel free to click the “x” in the top right-hand corner.  But, I just had to record this day with him.

I was completely exhausted yesterday due to one little Jett Takle preparing for the 2028 Winter Olympics inside my belly the night before.  But, I wasn’t going to dare miss out on watching John Henry receive his Servant Leadership Award yesterday afternoon at school.

When I told him he was going to be receiving this award, he responded, “Wow!  That’s the award for putting others first!” 

By the way, Anna’s expression in the background of the pic just makes me laugh.  Sweet Anna Takle, you would definitely get the award for “Most Artistic in Fashion” or “Most Social” or “Most Likely To Make Her Mother Laugh.” 

Proud, but still so stinkin’ tired when we got home, John Henry gave me a letter. 

Dear Mom I hope you are ok.  You are the best mom ever.  I can not beleve your my mom.  I am going to let you chose what you want to eat if we go out to a restront.  If Dad is flying I will pertect (protect) you.  I am glad you are my mom.  You chose the right man.  You chose Chris.  From John Henry

*Disclaimer:  He is referring to Kris….not some other Chris.  Thought I should clarify before this blog lost its family rating.

What is in a seven year old to acknowledge that I chose Kris?  To say, “You chose the right man?” 

At the beginning of the school year, John Henry needed some answers about why he has two dads.  I explained the best I could so he would understand.  In the back of my mind, I’ve always wondered if he would one day struggle with the fact that he has two dads and his siblings have one. 

But, in letters like this, I see a young man who is thankful that Kris is in his life.  I see two dads who love him so sweetly.  And, I see a Heavenly Father who has never let him down.

And, that is redemption.


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It’s Girls’ Night Out.

Actually, it was Girls’ Day Out.  Y’all know I can’t stay out past 5:00 these days.  Momma gets tie-red.  Kris and I are trying to squeeze in some one on one time with our kiddos before their little brother gets here and consumes a lot of it.  So, Anna and I, well, Anna planned our Girls’ Day Out day.  And, John Henry and Kris had a Boys’ Afternoon Out.  I only have one picture of Kris and John Henry’s time together.  Boys just don’t take pictures like us girls do.

The boys went to Laser Quest to play laser tag, of course.  Kris came home quite enthused and insisted that he and I go back together after Jett is born.  Absolutely, that is the destination I was thinking.  It’s like we are constantly thinking the same thoughts.  Weird.

They left Laser Quest and picked up pizza to enjoy with an evening of Darth of Vader finally telling Luke, “I am your father!”  They had fun.  And, good conversation – the really added bonus of it all.

Anna knew exactly what our day should like from start to finish. 

Nothing begins a Girls’ Day Out quite like the short stack at Jimmy’s Egg.  We drive by Jimmy’s Egg daily.  And, daily I hear, “Momma, let’s go to Jimmy’s Egg!”  She got her wish.  Along with the next three hours spent at the Paint ‘N Station.

Yes.  THREE HOURS.  I had so much time on my hands, that I painted this little Easter platter using Anna’s handprint.  I’m hoping that once it’s fired, it’ll look a bit more presentable.  Anna could pick out ANYTHING in the store to paint.  Of all the options, she picked a sugar dish.  Because, every little girl dreams of having her own sugar dish.  I think I was so delirious from paint fumes or waiting THREE HOURS for her to finish that I just clearly forgot to take a picture of her finished product. 

We finished up at McDonald’s for ice cream.

It was not an unusually warm day in Oklahoma.  A tank top was just her attire of choice.  It was Girls’ Day, after all.

Kris and John Henry closed the weekend building John Henry’s Pinewood Derby car for Cub Scouts. 

Thank the good Lord Kris was around to help cut out this baby.  The only thing I can cut from a block of wood is…. 

Hmmm.  Well, I don’t think I can cut anything from a block of wood.

So, I’ll stick with pancakes, painting, and ice cream.  I am accomplished at eating.  That is for certain.


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Her Ability To Make Me Laugh Is Often Redemptive.

I told her the brown leggings with the peach flowers looked hideous with her shirt.  She disagreed.  I told her to change pants.  She did.

Sort of.

So, when I picked her up from school, how in the name of all things Vogue, did she manage to have on the brown leggings again? 

Because, she wore them under the pants that won my stamp of approval. 

“Besides,” she said, “My teacher liked them.”

Any and all advice on raising a strong-willed little girl is appreciated.  As are prayers.  And boxes of chocolate.  And a vacation for two to the Caribbean. 

But, I do have hope.  You see, I was a very similar five-year old.  And, my mom still loves me today.


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The Eagles Said Take It Easy. So Did My Doc.

My lack of writing yesterday was due to a rough night and morning with a contraction or ten.  No.  I was not in labor.  Just a tad uncomfortable.  I decided to ease the pain by taking a relaxing, warm bath.  When Anna walked in and saw me, she giggled and said, “Mom, you’re too big for the bathtub.” 

Yes, she is still alive and well.

I called my doctor at the persistence of my husband.  The nurse requested I go to the hospital just as a precautionary measure.  Something, I clearly did not want to do.  But, I did.  Baby is fine.  I am fine.  To quote my nurse, “You are 35 years old and pregnant with your third.  Things just don’t hold together like they used to.”

Yes, she is still alive and well.

Actually, she was a very sweet nurse and took great care of me.  She asked if I had been over-doing it at all.  I told her I had somewhat of a, ahem, busy weekend. 

What did you think I was going to tell her?  “Um, well, I did go to Dallas and shop all day, then caught a flight the next day to Atlanta then back to Oklahoma two days after that.”

No. Dadgum. Way. 

But, Kris completely uncovered me and was like, “Yeah, I thought she was going to a conference….”

Yes, he is still alive and well.

I was sent me home with orders to drink plenty o’ water and take it easy.  I interpreted that as “Shopping is permitted, just take frequent latte water breaks.”

In better news, my mom is here.  And, that, my friends, makes my world a better place.  Well, that and a box of Junior Mints. 

So, there ya go.  And, no worries.  My self-esteem is still intact thanks to a husband who told me I am beautiful.  He listened well to my dad’s message on Sunday.  That being said, go compliment your spouse today.  It might be exactly what he or she needs to hear.

Okay.  I’m taking a water break now.


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Confessions Made Easy.

Confession is hard.  Especially when you’re five.  But, this time, I made it easy when I found old, dried grapes in our hallway coat closet.  Yes.  Grapes. 

Me:  Who put grapes in the closet?

John Henry:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna?

Anna:  It wasn’t me!

Me:  Anna, just tell me now.  Did you put grapes in the closet?

Anna:  Hmmm.  Are you gonna be mad?

Me:  No.

Anna:  Am I gonna be in trouble?

Me:  (Smiling) No.

Anna:  Okayyy.  It was me.

I didn’t even want to know why.

Sometimes, our kids just need a break.  They need, well, the unmerited favor of their mom and dad, too. 

So, she got it. 

Do you need to show a little more mercy sometimes?


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It’s Hard To Be Still. Anna Gets It Honest.

We lost internet yesterday for a whole twelve hours.  TWELVE.  I know.  It’s amazing we endured as well as we did.  Anyhoo, it was a good weekend, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t add a bit stressful.  Without delving into the details, I just flat out needed to feel the presence of God.  We all know with our heads that in difficult situations God will provide and direct us.  But, we, well, I, can easily become impatient and demand that I see the next chess move immediately.  What comes next?  Where do we go from here?  Do I do this?  Or, do I do that? 

I tend to share my “stuff” with my mom.  Mom prayed that God would give me some sort of wink over the weekend as a reminder of His presence….His providence.  When I woke up Sunday morning, John Henry came into my room with a plate of toast smothered with strawberry preserves.  He said, “I want to take care of you this morning.”  Anna followed suit with a bowl full of Wheat Thins. 

Um, I told her I save those for lunch. 

When I told Mom about the thoughtfulness of her grandchildren, she reminded me, “Out of the mouth of babes…..  God will take care of you.  Rest in His Word and His Promise.”

We went on to church and I heard a song I’ve heard a hundred times before.  It’s MercyMe’s Word of God Speak.  But, this time, I let the lyrics minister to me.  I thought they might minister to you, too. 

I’m finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it’s okay
The last thing I need is to be heard
But to hear what You would say

Word of God speak
Would You pour down like rain
Washing my eyes to see
Your majesty
To be still and know
That You’re in this place
Please let me stay and rest
In Your holiness
Word of God speak

I’m finding myself in the midst of You
Beyond the music, beyond the noise
All that I need is to be with You
And in the quiet hear Your voice

I’m finding myself at a loss for words
And the funny thing is it’s okay

Sometimes, when we are in a place of waiting and trusting, we just need to be still.  We need to trust in His Word.  We need to put it in the God box.  And, we need to rest in the arms of our Father who loves us more than we can comprehend.

Be still, and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10


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