God is more powerful than “tormadoes.”

Nothing like blogging in the bathtub with a little circulation going on around you.  For real.  You’ll read this post tomorrow, er today, but at least you know my current writing conditions.  Not as bad as the Apostle Paul, I suppose, who wrote from prison, but hey…I feel like I’m in my own little prison.  A bathtub.  With a four year old.  And a seventy pound dog.

Anna is eating her fair share of fruit roll-ups – all a part of the Takle Emergency Tornado Kit. 

She has been crying worried about her daddy.  “I’m scared of tormadoes,” she said.  We talked to daddy to assure her he was okay until the power went out.  Now, I have no form of communication with the outside world.  I sort of feel like Laura Ingalls from Little House on the Prairie except without the snotty friend, Nellie. 

I’m sure John Henry has taken cover with his classmates.

Yes, I am a scaird Georgia peach living in tornado alley. 

******Taking a break.  Be back soon.*******

I just said a prayer over us.  Anna commented that “God is powerful.” 

I’m thankful she is being brought up in this thing called the Kingdom. 

Okay.  Gonna go peek out the door. 

******Note here:  LONG reprieve taken due to being a chicken little.*******

The above was written around 2:30PM.  It’s currently 6:22PM CST.  We hopped in our tub another couple of times.  Anna ran faster than Bruce Jenner to the bathroom.  I suppose the Jenner reference ages me a bit.  Ya think?

Here we are roughin’ it.


All is calm on the western front now.  Well, at least, the “hook echoes” are out of sight.  Kris was quite worried about us.  Awww.  He does love us. 

John Henry was locked in a safe room with several other students for three and half hours.  Kris picked him up.  When he arrived home, he laid down for a half hour before he vomited all over my favorite down blanket.   Good times.

Anna, my up and coming fashion journalist, has kept us posted on weather.  She hasn’t taken her eyes or ears off of the news.  “The news says the buses are running!”  She informed. 

“It’s the SIDE of the building!  The SIDE!”  She later reported.

Not so sure what that was all about, but we thanked her still for being our relentless informant.   Move over Rachel Zoe AND Katie Couric.  There is a new journaling fashionista in town.

Okay internet peeps.  I just sent Kris out for some milk, Jr. Mints, and other emergency items.  In the pouring down rain.  Love him.

Love y’all.

Mean it.



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6 responses to “God is more powerful than “tormadoes.”

  1. Amy Hull Watson

    Honey… you are my hero… I am so afraid of tornados… that is why we built a house with a basement.. Yes, can you believe it? HAHHA After dating a guy that lived in a trailer and being sacred to death too many times and having a car wreck because of one I said that was ENOUGH for me.. So whenever there is a CHANCE of a swirl or even conditions are favorable I put the animals in the basement and hunker down…
    I hope the weather is not as severe tonight when it heads our way.. if so I WILL BE in the basement … HAHAHH
    Hope your day today is a better one.

  2. Judy

    Remember Grasshopper, you are writing a book…..so be prepared for experiences to fill that book lol….I bet that you didn’t even think about that when you were blogging in the bathtub….but I bet God did!!!!

  3. Brenda

    Only you can make it sound fun and exciting to go through a tornado. Glad you are all safe and have a big enough bath tub to include the 70 lb. dog!

  4. Robin

    Glad you are safe! Wow, that was some bad weather. I read that in Lone Grove a young girl was lifted into the air as a tornado pulled the roof off a house. The mother and others held on to her to keep her from being sucked up. I thought about you and Anna in the bathtub. Again, glad y’all are okay.

  5. That was terrible that the kids had to experience that. I am glad you all are safe too, very thankful! You are such a blessing!!

  6. I have just read like 19 of your posts. I am a little slow getting caught up. LOL

    I decided to say Hi on the Tornado one. I did get a good laugh when I heard you were in your bathtub. I think you are the cutest ever.

    It was amazing to see the Twister. I was surprised. 🙂 Been back in CA a week and not one earthquake yet. 🙂

    Glad that I at least got to say HI….Next time Lunch!!

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