This post is brought to you by the letter V.

Anna’s pre-school teachers backed me into a corner the other day interrogating me on what kind of language we are using in the Takle house. 

They didn’t really.  But, I bet they wondered after Anna’s little illustration.

Anna and her schoolmates are learning the letter “V”.  Who can think of a word that begins with the letter “V”?  Apparently, Anna can. 

“I know!  I know a word that starts with V!”  She claimed.

Of course, her teachers obliged.



Her teachers assured me they did, indeed, hear the “V” sound.  I suppose as long as she doesn’t say “What the” in front of it, we’ll be okay.


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15 responses to “This post is brought to you by the letter V.

  1. Doug

    awesome….. that gave me a good laugh this early in the morning!

  2. Now that’s funny!!!!!!

  3. Judy

    Anna is too, too funny….

  4. hahahahaha!!! GOt a belly laugh out of that one Dusty!! Thanks!

  5. Falon

    She makes me smile. Big time!

  6. Janet

    Oh our dear sweet Anna. I’ll blame it on the years of knowing Falon. Just kidding. FYI: the building that Anna was referring to on Tuesday with it’s side gone was Chuckie Cheese, in case no one else told you.

  7. Great story…and now you have it documented! 🙂 Love those Annas!

  8. Betsey

    Joshua and Mary Claire used to play a “game” w/ Lesley when she was about two/three. “Lesley, what ryhmes with truck? What rhymes w/ bell?” Then they’d just die laughing. We were actually talking about this the other day.

  9. Amanda Morgan

    That is awesome!! Has she been hangin’ out with Marcus? With his “What the h*ll?” at CHA, those two are pea’s in a pod.

    Sidenote: Jeff is going through a tough situation at his family business and he was talking to me about it last night and telling me he may have to start working nights to help his dad with data entry if their accountant/office lady quits in the near future (his dad feels it will be Jeff’s fault if she leaves, that’s another story for another day). I immediately took the spouse stance of “no, it’s his company, his problem, he doesn’t have kids at home anxious to see him, he can stay at night and do her job” instead of being his friend and simply listening. So this morning I prayed and asked for the ability to be a better friend to Jeff and not let my emotions and my selfishness get in the way of what he is going through and God immediately sent me an image of Dusty Takle. No kidding. He showed me how you go without Kris some evenings because he is doing what it takes to provide for his family and make ends meet and everything is okay. Because God is always there no matter what and I need to lean on Him more anyway. Just wanted to share that God gave me a gift this morning and the gift was you. Love you.

  10. michel lough

    can i come live with you guys? i wanna experience anna and JH stories in person. i bet it’s even better. 🙂

  11. Des

    Maybe she needs to lay off those Sopranos DVDs.

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  13. Peggy

    LOL! Toooooo…funny….freakin’ funny 😉

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