Extreme President Make-Over

I’m coming down from a sugar high from the massive amounts of Valentine treats collected by my children.  So, y’all bear with me.  I’m going to pretend the Christmas holidays are just now ending and make a resolution to eat healthier; forsaking all sugars until pounds I do part.  Selah and Amen.

It’s President’s Day.

What better way to honor our presidents than these completely respectable, life-like crafts?


I had to take a second look at George Washington there.  It’s hard to distinguish if it’s Washington I’m seeing or my great-aunt Kate with rollers in her hair.  In any case, I cannot tell a lie.  I love those kids.  I love this country. 

Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count.  It’s the life in your years.”  While you or I may never be president of the United States, we can choose to live a life that is beyond ourselves.  A life that is rich in service.  A life that is rich in love.  I would hate to know that I lived my life only concerned for my own needs and wants. 

I pray the same prayer over my children every night.  In part of that prayer, I ask God that they “may always be a blessing to people.”  Because, I know that in living a life that is life-giving, that there will be life in their years. 



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6 responses to “Extreme President Make-Over

  1. Those are the cutest crafty things ever! I miss having little ones around.

  2. Love it! George and Abe sure are cute!! And they will be a blessing, ’cause their mom is setting a great example! Love you.

  3. JH & Anna are sooo funny! Their personality shines through every time! haha! Loved the blog, I agree, they will model their Mama, enjoy life, be a light to this world for sure!! Humor will be the best part of it! lol

  4. Judy

    Cute, cute picture!!!!

  5. Brenda

    Best George and Abe that I have ever seen!

  6. I love crafts like that. I wish I had more time to do them with my students. Or my own kids for that matter!

    We had Eileen’s cookies with little cherries on them today. I had to have several to figure out it was in honor of George Washington. Ha ha!

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