He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love.

My Valentine left yesterday for a trip.  I asked him before he left if he’d like his Valentine gift today, or if he preferred waiting until Monday upon his return home.

“Err, Monday will be good.”  He answered.

“Aha!  You want to wait until Monday, because you do not have me a gift!”  I responded, aware of my own marital trap.

“Exactly.”  He said.

“That’s okay.  I was just messin’.  I don’t have you one either.”  I told him.

I laughed.  He thought I was kind of mean.  I thought I was kind of funny.

I’ll miss him on Cupid’s little holiday.  But, I always miss him when he’s not sitting right beside me.  And, I can look into those Scandinavian eyes anytime and celebrate our crazy love.

While Kris’ love for me is pretty wonderful, it cannot compare to the love God has for me or for you.  He lavishes us with extravagance every single day.  Perhaps, we become jaded from over-exposure to things such as a bird chirping, a sunrise, or even our child’s laughter.  But, His love is extravagant. 

Even, when we mess up unbelievably, He still loves us.  Much like when our own children make a mess of things, our love for them never wanes.  Don’t we love them more today than we did the day before?  {Okay, so don’t answer that if you couldn’t get your kids in bed fast enough last night.  I feel your pain.}

I am forever amazed that we are the center of a divine love.  Wow.  It’s really hard to grasp sometimes.

And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.  Ephesians 3:18

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day, Kris Takle.  You are my favorite person, and I love you big.


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3 responses to “He gives me love, love, love, love, crazy love.

  1. That was really sweet Dusty! Your love for each other is an explosion of God’s love!! How’s that? ha! That scripture you shared is really had to fanthom. I know God loves me, and us, but each day is a wonderment of that love, like when God picks me up when I am down, or shows me His beauty in the birds chirping, breeze blowing, sunshining, or when I share time with my family, or get a hug on Sunday, hear the word and it speaks to my heart, or when the Holy Spirit is revealing it during the service, & a friend in front of me, are boo hooing, over His love, end of service, we hug and laugh, haha, I can’t stop crying” But when He touches us, it is a WOW! Amazing love! Thanks for the blog, it was great like you are! (smile)

  2. Kevin

    That scripture reminds me of this song by jami Smith.

    Your love is deep
    Your love is high
    Your love is long
    Your love is wide

    Deeper than my view of grace
    Higher than this worldly place
    Longer than this road I travel
    Wider than the gap You filled

    Who shall separate us
    Who shall separate us from Your love
    Nothing can separate us
    Nothing can separate us from Your love

    Here is the song.

  3. Christie

    ‘member when you sang that song based on eph. 3:18?(not the one above my post). it was for something special ( your parents anniversary of something i think) and it was before you started singing at church. you were YOUNG… barry was just so proud of you–you made him cry! that was so sweet. that was 100 years ago. look at all life we’ve lived.
    happy v day!! heart you!

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