Angels & Thunder

The Takles had a laid back weekend.  We attended the Saturday evening service at making for a lazier Sunday.  I briefly felt like a heathen, because, well….old habits die hard, and my Sunday mornin’ church-attendin’ roots run deep.

It was nice having Kris home this weekend.  John Henry had his last basketball game.  Since John Henry’s idea of blocking the opposing team members includes some sort of dance, I’m pretty sure we’ll be retiring his Thunder jersey.  Yes, his team was called the Thunder – just like Oklahoma City’s first ever professional team.  Apparently, everyone was so excited to have a pro ball team, they decided to call ALL young basketball teams “Thunder.” 



Anna informed me that I was “wearing her out.”  I haven’t a clue where she’s heard that one.  She then insisted that we call her “Angel.”  She failed to appreciate the humor I saw in her requested new name.

“It’s not funny, Mom!” 

“You’re name is Anna, not Angel.”  I told her.

“Not anymore,” she said.

Oh.  Okay. 

Later, I tuned into The Oscars.  I avoided the red carpet this year due to not losing those last few pounds.  Carolina Herrera will just have to wait until next year to dress me. 

Kris did manage to watch the Oscar-nominated The Wrestler on a recent trip.  “It was horrible.”  His words.  Not mine.  Mickey Rourke is a strange one.  But, I’m sort of fascinated by him.  Of course, not nearly as much as I am by Hugh Jackman.  He is, after all, Wolverine.  And, if you don’t like the X-Men, who are you really?

And, that about sums up our weekend.  Pretty rowdy, huh?

Did you watch the Academy Awards?



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10 responses to “Angels & Thunder

  1. Sharon

    we missed you last night! i did watch most of the oscars. hugh jackman was awesome. who knew he could sing and dance? wow and was even able to keep up with beyonce! it was great fun… we are hoping next year, you will be here to join us. love ya!

  2. Brenda

    No, tv this weekend. Not that it was a religious or lent experience just that it is baseball season in Georgia! I know 27 degrees doesn’t feel like baseball season but the “ting” of the metal bat hitting the baseball is a sound that is only truimped by the waves of the ocean Watched Alex and the Spalding High Jags beat cross town rival Griffin Bears in a little Varsity Baseball Scrimmage only for bragging rights, of course. Then, off to A- Town for a little window shopping. It was a little sunnier and warmer (49 degrees) Sunday afternoon, when we settled in to our seats at Russ Chandler Stadium, yes Georgia Tech (Foley Field in Athens was just too far), to watch the Georgia Tech Baseball Boys beat the Lipscomb Bisons 4-3 with a walk-off homerun in the bottom of the 9th! Now, that is the way to show off! The coolest thing about the game though was the fact that EVERY time a guy named Murton from Ga. Tech came to bat and they played “His Up To The Plate Song”, it was “MY Life is in You Lord, My Strength is in You Lord, My Hope is in You Lord, It’s in You, It’s in You” and everybody, fans and players a like, clapped with hands over their heads and sang. What a testimony and guts for a big college baseball guy and the impact that he had by just chosing a song!! The weekend ended with a few games of ping pong and dinner with JH’s other daddy and my brother Bryan. Tell JH to brush up on his ping pong skills. I can beat his cousin Alex and his friends but Daddy Bryan is good or we are all just really bad! LOL!

  3. Can I be honest? I mean, can I really be honest? Give me American Idol and Dancing With The Stars all day long, but the Oscars? I just don’t give a rip.

    There. I said it. Not judging, just don’t care. But then again, I am fashionably challenged so maybe that is the root of all this?

    Not bitter.

  4. Judy

    Watched just a little of the Oscars…went to see Maddea In Jail….was really surprised the Godly principals alllllll thru the movie…very funny but addressed verrrrry serious issues….had fun with my two girls Angie and Gailynn….ate sushi…Life Gate service rockeddddd….good weekend…Anna is a angel 🙂

  5. Yep ,watched just about every minute of it. I loved the dancing and singing and the sentiment…didn’t care for the 2 political speeches but guess that comes with the territory.

  6. Watched None of It! Not my thing.

    I do think that you need to call your daughter Angel though. That would make you Angel Mama! LOL

    Where are these pounds you seem to think you need to lose??

  7. We watched a little of it last night. I like seeing the clothes=)

  8. Dusty Takle

    Brenda, what an awesome song!!! Hmmm. I bet Jesus was just smiling on YOU that day.

  9. Brenda

    Maybe it was one of the “Whispers” we talk about, huh?

  10. Cole when through a stage where he insisted that we call him either “90”, or “9 zero,” our choice. He was a little excited about his new soccer jersey.

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