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Angels & Thunder

The Takles had a laid back weekend.  We attended the Saturday evening service at Lifechurch.tv making for a lazier Sunday.  I briefly felt like a heathen, because, well….old habits die hard, and my Sunday mornin’ church-attendin’ roots run deep.

It was nice having Kris home this weekend.  John Henry had his last basketball game.  Since John Henry’s idea of blocking the opposing team members includes some sort of dance, I’m pretty sure we’ll be retiring his Thunder jersey.  Yes, his team was called the Thunder – just like Oklahoma City’s first ever professional team.  Apparently, everyone was so excited to have a pro ball team, they decided to call ALL young basketball teams “Thunder.” 



Anna informed me that I was “wearing her out.”  I haven’t a clue where she’s heard that one.  She then insisted that we call her “Angel.”  She failed to appreciate the humor I saw in her requested new name.

“It’s not funny, Mom!” 

“You’re name is Anna, not Angel.”  I told her.

“Not anymore,” she said.

Oh.  Okay. 

Later, I tuned into The Oscars.  I avoided the red carpet this year due to not losing those last few pounds.  Carolina Herrera will just have to wait until next year to dress me. 

Kris did manage to watch the Oscar-nominated The Wrestler on a recent trip.  “It was horrible.”  His words.  Not mine.  Mickey Rourke is a strange one.  But, I’m sort of fascinated by him.  Of course, not nearly as much as I am by Hugh Jackman.  He is, after all, Wolverine.  And, if you don’t like the X-Men, who are you really?

And, that about sums up our weekend.  Pretty rowdy, huh?

Did you watch the Academy Awards?



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