He stopped me in my tracks.

I was talking the other day with someone when another individual’s name came up.  {My apologies for my vagueness.  I’m sure you understand.}  I started in with comments like “the nerve,” “I can’t believe…,” “Puh-leese,” and even “he/she has some serious issues.” 

Brothers and sisters, Jesus was just pouring off my lips, wasn’t He?

Then, right in the middle of my compassionless spill, God spoke to me.

“See people the way I see people.”

Uh, you talkin’ to me?

He was.  So, I stopped right there, and gazed across at the person I was talking to, and said, “God is so good.  Do you know what He just told me?”

I went on to share with that person how God wants me to see people the way He sees them.  Then, I asked him/her to forgive me. 

It’s very hard to do sometimes.  Especially, when people do not live up to our expectations or behave in a way we deem inappropriate.  And, sometimes, these people hurt other people.  But, you know the saying:  “Hurting people hurt people.”

So, I just have to remind myself.  That person is a child of the Most High.  And, He loves him or her more than I can comprehend. 

God, let me see people the way you see them.  And, let me love them the way you do.

Do you ever struggle with this like me?


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14 responses to “He stopped me in my tracks.

  1. This blog sooo reminds me of what God spoke to me back in June, l994. I was cleaning house and out of the blue He spoke to me in an almost audible voice. He said, ” Linda, up till now you have loved people because you needed to be loved. But, from now on I’m going to teach you to love people just because I love them. That was when I believe God called me into ministry.

    Thanks for sharing your heart.

  2. Now that I know you, the funniest thing about your posts is that I can totally “hear” you in my head. I love it when people write like they talk. Your personality just shines through.

    And for the record, I am constantly telling myself “God loves that person”, followed by “Don’t be so ugly”. You’d think I’d get it through my thick skull at some point.

  3. Amanda Morgan

    All the time.

  4. Judy

    This is exactly why, when I or someone i loveeeeeeee is being wronged or hurt, I tend to pray for myself and my actions and my heart….I understand God loves us all and He will never judge or handle a situation like I would and would want Him too….This is huge …and I am thankful that we never get what we deserve when it comes to God’s judgement…it is a huge struggle, but if we love and let God deal with people He does an amazing job….

  5. Yes I do.
    And it’s the worst when those “people” are the ones living in my house.
    Great reminder today.

  6. This is a great reminder,Dusty. I have used your words of wisdom already this week:)

  7. Dusty Takle

    Oh, Judy that’s good about letting God deal with people. He is pur-tee good at it. And, sometimes, when I think God shouild deal with someone, it’s usually me He deals with. Can’t imagine.

  8. Dusty Takle

    Yes, feel free to spell “should” shouild. It’s a new thing I’m starting.

  9. You’d think by now I’d get this…but I’m still listening and learning. And still need the reminders…thanks for the heads-up!

  10. Sometimes. And then I justify it by saying I’m venting.

  11. Dang it Cindy.

    Uh, yes, I do that.

  12. Really love the part about, “Hurting people, hurt people” that is soo true, I forget that, God will remind us in the knick of time, when we got this stuff we want to get rid of, but don’t know where to put it, anger lingers, “bless, forgive, release them to the Lord” over and over, and it lingers, but that is the key. Give them the Grace, give us the Grace Lord to remove all the anger and see them the way you see them!! Love it Dusty! Thank you!

  13. Wendy Verdon

    Dusty – you just crack me up (the should comment). Now for real blog entry. You really do know what to say and as I have said before, God ues you to speak to us. I told you once before that there is someone on FB that for some reason says things to make me feel bad. I thought about removing them as my friend, but I try to understand that they may be going through something and I was confiding in my family about this person and they told me some of this person’s issues. But, I still don’t understand how someone can purposely make someone feel bad. Anyway, thanks for this, I will try to remember to see them the way God does! You have a gift!!!!

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