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I Need You.

I love YouVersion.  I love that I have access to the bible and dang near any translation at the sweep of my little finger.  And, when I read Galatians 6:4-5 in The Message translation, well, I was convicted.

Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you have been given, and then sink yourself into that. Don’t be impressed with yourself. Don’t compare yourself with others.  Each of you must take responsibility for doing the creative best you can with your own life.

Is this translation not the awesomest?  Yes.  Awesomest.  Look it up.  It’s a word.

I’m just kiddin’.  It’s not really.

I love this.  I love that it made me take my eyes off of other people and what they are doing, or not doing, for the Kingdom.  Puh-retty judgmental of me, don’t ya think?  Yeppers.  Grrr you, Dusty Takle.  There were times I would look at others and wonder why they weren’t as passionate about something as I was.  Never mind that we are all fearfully and wonderfully made….that we were each created for a unique purpose. 

I am responsible for my own life.  And, you are responsible for yours.  I know.  My life revelations are astounding, eh?  Eh?

Here’s the deal, in case you don’t know or may have forgotten:

God created you.

You are not an accident.

He has a plan for you. 

You have a purpose in life.

You matter.

And, we all need you.

Y’all come back tomorrow.  I’ll be here.

For real.


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So, I must admit.  I was sad for Redeeming Love to end.  But, it left my heart so very full.  Full because of the splendor of redemption. 

Oh, how beautiful redemption truly is.  And how we fall in love with Christ in the process. 

I was a little late to the party on Francine Rivers’ Redeeming Love.  This is nothing unusual for me.  None the less, it’s a retelling of the biblical story of Hosea set in the mid-nineteenth century.  It’s a beautiful narrative and a sweet reminder of God’s unconditional love.

Sure, the Twilight series is great.  It can even leave you lovesick for a fictional character named Edward.  Redeeming Love, however, will leave you yearning for a more intimate relationship with a very loving – and very real King.

Many don’t experience God’s redemption due to a grossly distorted picture of who God is.  They see a wrathful God.  An unforgiving God.  Or, they see themselves unworthy of His redemption. 

Sometimes, this misperception is the church’s fault.  Sometimes, we fail to see others the way Christ does.  We judge.  We condemn.

God doesn’t.

He loves.

He IS love.

A.W. Tozer said, “What comes into our minds when we think about God is the most important thing about us.”

I tend to agree.

How do you view God?

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Maybe I’ve Judged Jack Bauer.

My friend Shari left this morning on a red-eye flight back to Florida.  But, not before she made me sit through an episode of 24. 

Sorry friends.  I’ve never really made friends with Jack.  None the less, she managed to shush me the entire hour.  Then, she sneezed over and over again during commercials.

For the love.

Despite her obsession for Mr. Jack Bauer, I did enjoy her visit.  And, we did manage to share our hearts and where we felt Christ was leading us.  I also told her the most recent issue God has been dealing with me on.


I know, right?  It seems like I would have already dealt with this by now.  I’m not sure how God deals with you, but He doesn’t seem to play around with me.  Remember this post?  At first, God whispered to me, “See people the way I see people.”

Oh, I totally got that.  For a while.

Then, without even realizing it, I’d make a judgment on someone again.  And, I know – I’m completely uncovering myself here.  But, it’s true.  I’d judge them for not making what I thought was a Godly decision or for walking in disobedience. 


Until, God started showing me how ugly it all was.  It was as if He put my judgments in my face and said, “Isn’t this ugly?”

It was.

I was convicted.

I’m becoming more and more conscious of it now.  Perhaps, it’s kind of like forming a habit.  You practice and practice not judging until you finally really see people the way He sees people.

As His children.


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He stopped me in my tracks.

I was talking the other day with someone when another individual’s name came up.  {My apologies for my vagueness.  I’m sure you understand.}  I started in with comments like “the nerve,” “I can’t believe…,” “Puh-leese,” and even “he/she has some serious issues.” 

Brothers and sisters, Jesus was just pouring off my lips, wasn’t He?

Then, right in the middle of my compassionless spill, God spoke to me.

“See people the way I see people.”

Uh, you talkin’ to me?

He was.  So, I stopped right there, and gazed across at the person I was talking to, and said, “God is so good.  Do you know what He just told me?”

I went on to share with that person how God wants me to see people the way He sees them.  Then, I asked him/her to forgive me. 

It’s very hard to do sometimes.  Especially, when people do not live up to our expectations or behave in a way we deem inappropriate.  And, sometimes, these people hurt other people.  But, you know the saying:  “Hurting people hurt people.”

So, I just have to remind myself.  That person is a child of the Most High.  And, He loves him or her more than I can comprehend. 

God, let me see people the way you see them.  And, let me love them the way you do.

Do you ever struggle with this like me?


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I’m here to help. In case You need it.

Me:  John Henry, take that ball out of the living room.  If you hit the television, you will be in some serious trouble.

Anna:  And, get a spankin’.

Me:  You’re not the parent, Anna.

Anna:  I was just sayin’ it for you!

Me:  I don’t need any help, thank you.

I wonder how often we think God needs our help with things.  Ya know.  Just in case He forgets what His Word says or something like that.  

I’m not saying we don’t pray.  We need that.  He digs that.  I’m just saying that some things really aren’t about us.  Some things should just go into the God box instead of the Me Box.  And, most things are beyond our control anyway.

And, that’s okay.

He’s God.

I’m not.

I don’t even play the role of the Holy Spirit well.  Believe me, I’ve tried.

Let Him do His thing.  He’s pur-tee good at it.

Be still and know that I am God.  Psalm 46:10


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Loving the hard to love.

I like surrounding myself with fun people.  I often avoid those who carry a lot of emotional baggage such as bitterness, addictions, or depression.  I avoid people who aren’t nice.  Let’s face it.  Life is short.  Why waste a perfectly great night out with people who don’t seem to “fit in”?  After all, those babysitters aren’t cheap.  Why invite them into my home only to watch the clock and wonder when they are going to go back to their house?  Why return their calls?  Respond to their e-mails?  They never seem to listen to my advice anyway.  They are still going to hold onto their stuff like it’s a sack full She Takes the Cake’s “Chocolate Therapy”.  And, my condolences to you poor souls who’ve never tasted that little bit of heaven.

I like fun people. 

But, Jesus said love your enemies.  Now, I don’t consider the people described above as enemies.  But, if God wants us to love our enemies, I’d bet he means them, too.

This kind of love isn’t easy, is it?  The Apostle Paul wrote, “I pray that your love will overflow more and more, and that you will keep on growing in knowledge and understanding” (Philippians 1:9, NLT).  This means that as we get to know Jesus – and understand who He is more and more, that this kind of love will grow.  Not overnight.  It’s a lifelong process.

I think the first thing to remember is that we ourselves are in desperate need of a Savior.  That we, too, fall short and fall short often.  Pride sets in when we don’t realize how God loves us in spite of our failures and short-comings.  And, we all know that pride and love mix about as well as oil and water.  But, when we see that we all need His grace, then we become less judgmental.  And, loving the not so fun people becomes easier.

Who did Jesus chill out with when He walked the earth?  Well, not the self-righteous Pharisees.  Nope.  Not a one.  He kicked it back with prostitutes, stinking fishermen and even the I.R.S. of the day.  And, we are called to love just as He loved. 

It doesn’t mean it’s an easy endeavor.  But, we have the Holy Spirit within us.  And, that empowers us to love with the love that lives within us.  As a child of God, that kind of love is our inheritance.

One day, I might even share my “Chocolate Therapy” with the not so fun people. 

I’m just kidding.  I don’t even share that with my friends.

Do you struggle loving the hard to love? 


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