I think I’m her favorite toy.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Bryan came out to visit John Henry.  {That’s John Henry’s dad if you’re just tunin’ in to dusytakledotcom.}  The kids had fun.  Anna was quite certain that Bryan was here to visit her.  One has to love her confidence.  I set aside some time for just us girls on Sunday.  After braiding her hair, she insisted that I braid mine as well.  I tried to get away with just the little Jennifer Aniston braid she sported at The Oscars.  That wasn’t what Anna had in mine. 

“That’s not like mine!” She told me.

Sooooo, I did it. 


My transparency on this blog has apparently translated to my face as I am letting you see me.  Like this.  No make-up.  Two braids.  Hello, Laura Ingalls. 

Every time I requested to take the braids out, Anna reminded me that the day wasn’t over.  When we went to Wal-mart together, people seemed to smile at me.  It’s as if they were saying, “gurl, you are bringing sexy back.”  Or somethin’.

Dressing and undressing Barbies would consume the rest of our afternoon until Kris and John Henry rescued us for a little time at the park.  It was a nice weekend.  Braids and all.  And, I was reminded of this quote by Vicki Lansky:  “You will always be your child’s favorite toy.”   

Have you ever sacrificed your own personal style to put a smile on your child’s face?  Because, that’s exactly what this felt like J








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15 responses to “I think I’m her favorite toy.

  1. Lindsey Takle

    That is adorable! Dusty, you rock those braids! At our house we have the Takle Spa! Our kids file our nails, give us massages and facials with a lime green mask. The funniest thing is that Leiv allows the girls to do all of this to him! I have picture proof! He wasn’t very happy when I sent the picture to Kris!

  2. shari oliver


  3. I agree with Lindsey, you are both adorable!!!!

  4. Dusty Takle

    Lindsey, it sounds like Leiv isn’t afraid to sacrifice his personal style. Unless, that is his personal style? So cute.

    Linda, THANK YOU. Can’t say I felt adorable, but my happy little girl made it bearable 🙂

  5. So cute…and I’m proud of you for wearing them all day 🙂 I’ve worn plenty of obviously homemade jewelry (made by my girls) in public. They were so proud.

  6. Judy

    Well…..I was Godzilla a lotttttttttttttt….roared and everything so that Lance could kill me ….over and over and over….he never would be Godzilla because I was BIG LIKE GODZILLA to quote the little guy!

  7. Amanda Morgan

    Dusty Takle, you are completely gorgeous inside and out no matter what you do, especially with braids and no make-up. You are definately bringing sexy back. You are an awesome mommy. We are our children’s favorite toy. Even though Jeff built an awesome playhouse outside, I am the designated jungle gym at our house. I cherish every second. You rock with braids…

  8. Judy

    Gurlllllllllllll……YOU LOOK NORWEGIAN

  9. Michelle Eller

    You go girl!! Sport those braids!!

    Oh some of the things we do around this house to keep these 2 around here happy.

    OR! What a big brother will do for his somewhat little sister. Katie got a CLEAN pair of her Hello Kitty undies and put them on his head one Saturday morning and when he took them off she cried – that was their “battle hats!”

    We are there favorite toys!!

  10. You rock! You are one of the coolest moms I know:)

  11. Hey Lady
    Better to be Laura Ingalls then Nellie Olsen!! You look totally cute and darn if you aren’t bringing sexy braids back!!!

  12. Casey Shinault

    so….i currently have a side ponytail courtesy of Katie bug….who just said as I am typing this “I like your hair mom….who did it?”….. it was her….
    and I also carry a cell phone case that has 2 bassett hounds on it and has hot pink feather trim……christmas present from my Katie bug from one of those school Santa shops….she bought it with her own money! Enough said!

  13. Mom

    The two most beautiful girls in the whole wide world….I’m lovin it!

  14. Um, yeah, so you are DROP-DEAD GORGEOUS.

    I’m just sayin’.

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