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I think I’m her favorite toy.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.  Bryan came out to visit John Henry.  {That’s John Henry’s dad if you’re just tunin’ in to dusytakledotcom.}  The kids had fun.  Anna was quite certain that Bryan was here to visit her.  One has to love her confidence.  I set aside some time for just us girls on Sunday.  After braiding her hair, she insisted that I braid mine as well.  I tried to get away with just the little Jennifer Aniston braid she sported at The Oscars.  That wasn’t what Anna had in mine. 

“That’s not like mine!” She told me.

Sooooo, I did it. 


My transparency on this blog has apparently translated to my face as I am letting you see me.  Like this.  No make-up.  Two braids.  Hello, Laura Ingalls. 

Every time I requested to take the braids out, Anna reminded me that the day wasn’t over.  When we went to Wal-mart together, people seemed to smile at me.  It’s as if they were saying, “gurl, you are bringing sexy back.”  Or somethin’.

Dressing and undressing Barbies would consume the rest of our afternoon until Kris and John Henry rescued us for a little time at the park.  It was a nice weekend.  Braids and all.  And, I was reminded of this quote by Vicki Lansky:  “You will always be your child’s favorite toy.”   

Have you ever sacrificed your own personal style to put a smile on your child’s face?  Because, that’s exactly what this felt like J








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