That’s My Boat

The title is clearly lost if you don’t read in your best Forest Gump voice.  Here are a few more photos from the Takle Family Spring Break 2009.



Kris’ response to this shrimp boat was “I’ve got twelve Jenny’s.”  We were told by a tour guide that the shrimping industry will be obsolete in ten years due to the ease of today’s farm-raised shrimp.  Kind of sad, huh? 


This thingamabob does something with cargo ships.  Lifts the boxes?  I really paid attention.  Well, I did pay attention to the fact that it was shipped to Amelia Island from Singapore already assembled.  Okay.  It’s a boring picture, but you have to admit that it’s pretty impressive.  Yes?  Or, maybe when you are consumed with a 4 year old who only wants to wear purple now, you’re easily impressed.

Back at the grandparents’ house, Anna discovered her inner Audubon with a little bird watching.


And this one finally got his hair cut short.


Memories were made.  At one point, I looked at Kris on our getaway and just said, “We are so blessed.”  I’ve had my share of struggles.  But, scripture reminds us to rejoice in tribulation, because it produces perseverance, perseverance produces character, and character produces hope.  And, hope does not disappoint.  Had I not endured a broken heart, there would be no Anna Takle. 

You see how good God is?



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9 responses to “That’s My Boat

  1. Wendy Verdon

    You so right! Everything happens for a reason and the way it is suppose to! I say that too about my oldest daughter. I had her a year after I graduated and lost my mom two years after that. God gave her to me for two main reasons: 1 – so my mom would get to experience a grandchild before going to Heaven and 2 – so when God called her home, I would have someone that needed me to be strong so I could get through that and then eventually get through my divorce from her dad. God is good and certainly knows what he is doing. Sometimes it takes a while before we see the “why” it happened. I was always told, “don’t question God” and you know, you don’t have to anyway, most of the time eventually shows you the reason something happened.

  2. Judy

    God is very, very good…..

  3. Well using you pics, lets say God id like a shrimp boat casting nets to gather a vast harvest. He is like the lifts able to take the load of our vessel and make value out it. He is like the bird watcher keeping a careful eye on creation. But I am not sure he is blue-eyed groomed and sitting in a car seat. But hey is making a great looking young man!! Love Dusty muchly!!!!

  4. Love your pics, love your outlook, love you! 🙂

  5. Brenda

    As for the shrimp boat, just keep the shrimp coming, grilled of course.
    As for the Container Lifts, too bad they didn’t buy American.
    As for Anna, I have never seen her sit still that long. LOL
    As for JH, he looks like a very handsome cool little “man” now.
    As for the last comment, I am still in the tribulation phase and will be soooo glad to move to the next step ASAP!!!

  6. Amanda Morgan

    So glad you had a great trip! Is it just me, or does JH remind anyone else of Ryan Seacrest? Just saying…

    Had God not sent me a beautiful baby boy named Marcus and awaken me from the self destructive life I was living and introduced me to a wonderful man that told everyone that we met if it hadn’t been for Marcus, he wouldn’t have dated me and then later adopted him and loved both of us more than life itself, there would probably be no Amanda today. There would definitely be no Sammy or Molly and I would not be blessed daily by Dusty Takle. God is unbelievably good.

  7. Mike, only you could come up with that!

  8. Christie

    Dang, that mike should really be a ‘preacher’ or something. And, I see you unashamedly had that baby boy’s hair cut like we like sting’s hair! bwahahahaha…

  9. Always a silver lining…

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