Self Portraits On Love Island.


I love how I look gigantor in this picture next to Kris. What up with that?  Then, in an attempt to get some new profile shots for Twitter and whatnot, I took this self-portrait:


What makes me laugh about this picture is Kris’ observation of how everyone looks/smiles differently in pictures they take of themselves.  It’s like me – but not really me.  Ya know?  Funny.  Good times.

We had a WONDERFUL time together on Amelia Island.  And I mean all caps WONDERFUL.  We finally viewed the much talked about “Fireproof.”  I looked over and saw a tear – or two – flowing down Kris’ cheek.  It wasn’t the emotional display he put on while watching Marley & Me, but he was noticeably touched by the film.  I doubt any of the actors would ever get an Oscar nod, but the story was a powerful one.  

Favorite line in the movie – and a thought I’d like to leave you with:

“Don’t follow your heart.  Your heart can deceive you.  Lead your heart.”

What does this thought mean to you?



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5 responses to “Self Portraits On Love Island.

  1. First thought when I looked at your pictures! Cute as a button!!! lol
    So happy you had fun, Fun is good to have!
    Leading your heart is a good quote…when i feel no love for someone, I pray, “Lord, fill me with love for them” Our hearts can go astray..? Love this blog Dusty! Have fun today too! Your a blessing!

  2. Lisa


  3. You are so cute!

    I think that our emotions are often false. Its our flesh speaking and not allowing God’s truth to be our voice of reason. So oftentimes I have to tell myself the Truth over and over and tell my heart and my emotions what I am going to feel and then they follow. Our emotions add to our life experience and sear amazing memories onto our hearts. 🙂

  4. Glad your back!! We just watched the movie and are doing the book in our lifegroup..I think I may have seen a tear or two as well (not from me of course:)) While doing the study, I am learning love is a choice and not just an emotion. If we follow our heart ( which is trained by society and life to covet,want,desire, things we don’t have, ) we miss what we do have. This book is opening my eyes to how God has intended us to love each other in spite of our shortcomings . For us, it has been the first steps to a richer marriage>>>

    BTW, I disagree with your Oscar quip, I am pretty sure the “Dr.”” will be receiving a supporting actor nod:)

  5. marla

    I finally figured out who you look like!! You are the younger version of Christie Brinkley! I will have to find one of her younger pics so we can compare. Great blog! I thought I was the only one who hadn’t seen Fireproof. Guess we’ll have to check it out eventually.

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