At First He Was Afraid, He Was Petrified.

We have this fish tank.  As of recent, it’s become so ghastly that I dare not post any photo of it.  Else, you might see how we really live and judge me accordingly.  Which, if you ask John Henry, he’ll tell you “the Bible says not to judge.”  So there.

There is one lone fish who has survived the waters.  We call him Rambo.  We call him Rambo, because he has sustained life despite going five days without a single speck of food.  He’s a fighter.  Rambo understands that these are the times that try fish’s souls. 

Just the other day, Anna Takle took it upon herself to feed Rambo.  THE ENTIRE CONTAINER OF FISH FOOD.  Please note:  Dumping fish food in large amounts into an aquarium will wreak havoc on your home’s aroma.  Holy Mother of Moses.  I nearly lost my breakfast more than once. 

So, after no discussion, we decided it in our best interest to dispose of the aquarium without delay.  Rambo now has a new home.


He’s a survivor.  For now.

And for those of you who think it cruel that we forget to feed our fish, I’ll just have to give you my frightening look.  [frightening look.]  Daunting isn’t it?



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12 responses to “At First He Was Afraid, He Was Petrified.

  1. Kate

    Last July, Aunt Jenny bought a fish (Sam) for Kiki on one of their shopping adventures to Walmart. From the very first day, we kept telling Kiki that this fish could die at any moment. We didn’t want her to expect the fish to live long, and then be disappointed when he died. Well……Sam is now over 9 months old!!!!! It’s funny, but almost every day now, Kiki wakes up and says in a surprised voice, “He’s still alive!”

  2. Brenda

    Well, Alex was given a fish bowl just like your new one with 3 fish in it from a girlfriend for Valentine’s Day. We are now down to just 1 fish and we call him Alex. The Macey and Brenda fish both bit the dust early on. He swims laps and zooms around with ADHD..And Alex forgets to feed him for days also so I feel your pain! LOL!

  3. we did the salamander thing for a while. One floated to the top and the other one had a similar aromatic effect so he went back to the pet store. I dont think we are ready for a fish;)

  4. Brenda

    I remember winning Kristen and Andy goldfish at the fair , BC ( Before Children of my own) and told Kitty not to worry the fish would last a week max. I think those fish lasted about a year.. Sorry Kitty!

  5. No need for scary looks this direction. We have lost more fish, and other “pets” than I’d like to remember. Keep repeating…”it’s all for the kids, it’s all for the kids.” Hmmm…somehow, the kids never have to deal with the mess those pets make 🙂

  6. We had a fish given to us and we named him Sprinkles. He went with us everywhere….he went to the Toad Suck festival in Toad Suck, Arkansas, and to Branson, Mo, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, Montana, South Dakota, Nebraska….

    Then he just plopped one day after about 18 months of being with us. I was amazed at that little guy.

  7. Doug

    We can’t give you any advise on pets at all. Between the fish, hamsters, birds, cats and dogs, we have been through them all, so don’t throw any frightening looks this way. It is amazing what we all do for the kids.

  8. Dusty Takle

    You are all funny fish/previous fish owners. Glad to know I’m not alone the uncertainties of fish preservation.

    And, yes, Doug…what we do for our kids!

  9. Christie

    anyone want a hermit crab? i’m willing to share the love

  10. Renice

    We never had pets, who cared what the kids wanted. On one of our trips to PCB, Abby begged for a Hermit Crab. He was purchased, along with his cage, a rock (why? it wasn’t even a pet rock) and of course a larger shell for him to move into when he outgrew his present home. Jake was a happy crab. Abby fed him steak, chicken, peanut butter, and anything else she thought he might enjoy. He was also adventurous and enjoyed exploring OUR home every chance he got. Abby grew tired of Jake, and he was lonely and hungry.
    We decided to return him to PCB, but Jake had already migrated to his big blue shell. We set him free on an endless stretch of beach, and said good-bye as we watched this inconspicuous crab in his mobile blue home move down the beach.
    We now have a dog, because it does matter what that #3 child wants. When she came home crying because she had to write a paper about her pet, and the teacher suggested she write about her two sisters……well, we knew the time had come.

  11. Judy

    Jack and Max want a hamster :(…..but ….they do have Pucky…I was going to surprise them with a hamster for Easter but AhDaddy said no :(…

  12. kristen fountain

    has anna not read the dr suess book “a fish out of water”? don’t you know what happens when you feed a fish “this much and no more”??

    the fish becomes the size of a swimming pool! you are lucky you got away with it this time!!! hehe

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