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At First He Was Afraid, He Was Petrified.

We have this fish tank.  As of recent, it’s become so ghastly that I dare not post any photo of it.  Else, you might see how we really live and judge me accordingly.  Which, if you ask John Henry, he’ll tell you “the Bible says not to judge.”  So there.

There is one lone fish who has survived the waters.  We call him Rambo.  We call him Rambo, because he has sustained life despite going five days without a single speck of food.  He’s a fighter.  Rambo understands that these are the times that try fish’s souls. 

Just the other day, Anna Takle took it upon herself to feed Rambo.  THE ENTIRE CONTAINER OF FISH FOOD.  Please note:  Dumping fish food in large amounts into an aquarium will wreak havoc on your home’s aroma.  Holy Mother of Moses.  I nearly lost my breakfast more than once. 

So, after no discussion, we decided it in our best interest to dispose of the aquarium without delay.  Rambo now has a new home.


He’s a survivor.  For now.

And for those of you who think it cruel that we forget to feed our fish, I’ll just have to give you my frightening look.  [frightening look.]  Daunting isn’t it?



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