I love to feel how small her hand is in mine.

I love bedtime with my children.  For one, they are going to bed.  Praise all ye heavenly hosts.  And, for two, it often serves as a catalyst for some sweet exchanges. 

A couple of nights ago, I tucked Anna in.  I read her a book of her choice.  And, then we talked about what it means to have Jesus in her heart.  She quickly interjected, “Wait, Mom.  I have Jesus in this heart, God in this heart, and my family in my middle heart.” 

I pressed her tender, rosy cheek to mine.  I brushed her soft, fine hair with my fingertips.  And, I told her I loved her with every single fiber of my being.

I gently closed her door, then thought…  I will miss these moments one day. 

So, I begged for time to please slow down.



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10 responses to “I love to feel how small her hand is in mine.

  1. Sharon

    Dusty I still have that time with my children (16 & 12) at night. It has always been a precious time for me, as well. That seems to be when they share their thoughts and secrets and I love being the one they share with.

  2. Judy

    How precious to have your family in your middle heart…right in the middle with Jesus on one side and God on the other…I am so proud that you are doing this blog…a great way to save your memories…Have a great Easter at EWC…don’t we all wish time would slow down…

  3. After that blog, I am so happy you are with your parents, their Grandparents!! Because that was “priceless” =def out of websters :too valuable to be measured by price.
    Yesterday, I had talked to Debbie, sent the kids a few dollars to get something for Easter. Well, I had one of those priceless moments too. I got to talk to Thomas, (5) he shared he bought a big, big ball with the money, and thanked me. Then Chloe is 3 yrs old, she talked to me, then sang to me, “Twinkle, twinkle, little star” ohhhh, my heart melted! Children are priceless!! Happy Good Friday!

  4. Amanda Morgan

    Bedtime is also my very favorite time because I am not having to rush to get ready for work or rush to get to school or rush to eat dinner or rush to do homework or rush to take a bath. I get to rock my baby girl to sleep while she sings to me, I get to read to my baby boy as he tells me all the color names and Engine names in the Thomas the Tank Engine books and I get to hear all about my sons day at school and listen to the works that God is doing in his life. My children are precious and my time with them is priceless. I wish I had more time with them and God knows what my hopes and wishes are. I want more of those of sweet little people running around our house because that’s all I’ve ever wanted since I was 3 years old. To be a mommy. God is good. I love my babiesand the little things with them I lock in my heart because I won’t ever get those little things back as time goes on and it goes on quick! Love your blog. Love you Dusty Takle. You bless me daily.

  5. Oh my that is sweet. Love it when my kids are sleeping. It is the BEST sweetness in the house. (love the new blog look)

  6. Brenda

    Treasure every moment! They grow up soooo fast!

  7. Christie


  8. Audra Smalley

    So, this one made me tear up a little. That is soooo sweet!

  9. It doesn’t slow down, does it? 🙂

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