All For Love.

When Kris asked for my hand in marriage, my dad agreed to oblige on three conditions.  He told him:

1 – Don’t ever hit her.

2 – Don’t ever hurt her.

3 – And, never let her cut grass.

It’s true.  I’ve never cut grass.  Ever.  In my life.  And, quite frankly, I’m okay with that.  We’ve made the same rule for Anna as a result. 

Kris and I still laugh about dad’s third request.  But, we sure as heck follow it, too!

What did you tell or will you tell your daughter’s future husband?


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6 responses to “All For Love.

  1. I understood by the nature of Jake that Michel babys was all good he loves Michel and treats her with care. Now, the guy who wants to talk to me about moosie better be as impressive or he will have a mountain to climb. I expect my daughters to be cared for , loved and respected- bottom line. let me know you put great value in your relationship. Do that and I am all good.

  2. Sabrina Chitwood

    My 15 year old daughter told me after seeing the Twilight movie that she wanted to marry a man like Edward Cullen. I said, “what a vampire”? She said “no, a man that would die for me”. I was speachless for about 2 seconds and then I said “if you find a man that loves Jesus, then you’ll find that man! But for right now, you’ll have to be content with the fact that your daddy is the only man that would die for you and that Jesus DID die for you.” I pray, pray, pray that God has that very special man waiting for her one day………in the far off future!

  3. With daughter #1, we had daughter/mama talk is all, never was asked. With daughter #2, he is a good, good husband, so, he understood. with daughter #3, when I was asked, our response was treat her like she was one of your treasured children, guard her heart, keep God first! And he has done a GOOD job lately!!! Praise God!! Kris is a great guy, glad you have him to love you and you to love him! JH & Anna will follow those models!!
    Love the blog Dusty! Happy Easter! love you!

  4. marla

    I don’t have a daughter 😦 BUT I did cut grass for the first time this year and it was actually quiet therapeutic! You can’t hear the kids when they call you, it’s kind of like a canvas and you’re the artist. I did learn that when you cross over the driveway that you should pull the blades up …something ’bout taking chunks out of the cement makes the hub have a unhappy look. Other than that…very therapeutic and I recommend that you try it!!

  5. My dad said:

    Dont ever hurt her


    Dont move her more than 300 (I think that was the number) miles away from her mother 🙂

  6. No daughters. But, I will tell my daughters-in-law to please not manipulate my boys’ tender hearts.

    Because I love their tender hearts.

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