Becoming A Little More Intentional.

As a Christ-follower and mother, my children are my most important mission field.  I do my darndest to disciple them in the day to day life stuff.  However, God is showing me to become more intentional with how I pray and disciple them.

Right now, I am intentionally praying for John Henry to grow in confidence in who He is in Christ and who Christ is in Him.  I am praying that his security will be wrapped up in Him.  I realize that this will enable John Henry to be leader.

Right now, I am intentionally praying for Anna to be a pursuer of Christ and have a heart to always want to worship Him.  I realize that this will enable Anna to always make God a priority.

I’m trying to be more attuned to what area each needs to grow.  And, I’m intentionally discipling and praying for them accordingly.  Sight words and the ability to count money are surely imperative lessons that will make their lives easier.  But, learning who Christ is in them will make their lives full.

What are you intentionally praying over your children?


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4 responses to “Becoming A Little More Intentional.

  1. Kate

    I intentionally pray that my daughter will FEEL God’s love and my love. I also pray that she will know who she is in God, and be a kind, loving, forgiving, and confident young lady. Yet, everyday I think of soooo many other things that I should be praying over her.

  2. I pray my girls stay on track with him and learn to love him like no other.

  3. Renice

    Right now, I’m praying Emily will graduate from High School, lol. But seriously, right now, I’m praying my girls know the love and concern their Heavenly Father has for them, and that there will never be a doubt.

  4. This is so on my heart lately, too. I feel I’m failing miserably 😦

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