We Won’t Always Understand.

I recently read this by Beth Moore and it ministered to me in such a big way.

“Life isn’t without some divine decisions that our mortal minds simply cannot comprehend.  At times, we cannot imagine why God couldn’t have just given us what we asked.  Sometimes our frustration lies in the fact that we know He could have, that He certainly had the power, but in His divine wisdom, He chose not to.  Hear this with your heart: God knows we can’t think like Him.  His ways and His thoughts simply are not ours (Isa. 55:8-9).  Sometimes the very essence of faith is trusting God in the midst of things He knows good and well we cannot comprehend.  Not that we won’t, but at times we literally cannot.”

I’m pretty dang sure God can move on my behalf any time He jolly well pleases.  So, I sometimes wonder why He doesn’t.  Why doesn’t He just say, “Yes?”

I can best relate this to growing up under my parents.  There were times they would not allow me to go off with friends.  “Oh, my life is ruined!”  Or, so I would think.

There were times they would not let me date some cutie pie.  “But, I’m in love!”  Or, so I would think.

I could go on and on and on with my disappointments from childhood.  (Just kiddin’, Mom.  Sort of.)  But, my parents loved me so much, that they refused to give me everything I wanted. 

Their thoughts were higher than my thoughts.  And, although I did not understand why, the decisions they made were the best decisions for me.  Because, they loved me.

I can see it in my own children.  “Why can’t I climb this fence, Mom?”  My Anna will ask.  “Because, you will get hurt,” I try my darndest to explain.  “I won’t!  I promise!”

She doesn’t understand why I tell her no.  She doesn’t comprehend that I love her so much that I will even upset her in the short run, so she can experience a more abundant life in the long run.

You might be waiting for God to move on your behalf right now.  You may not understand what in the Sam Hill is taking Him so long.  But know He loves you oh so very much.  His thoughts are higher than your thoughts. 

And, finally, remember this:

Weeping may endure for a night but joy comes in the morning.  Psalm 30:5


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8 responses to “We Won’t Always Understand.

  1. I struggled with this very thing for a long time. I knew He “could”. So, I had a hard time accepting that sometimes He “wouldn’t”. The things that I thought should happen, didn’t. As I began giving up my agenda and really allowing Him to be God in my life, that mindset is falling away. Sometimes, I can see the reason why…..most times I just have to trust. It’s getting easier 🙂

  2. Brenda

    Thanks! I needed that one!

  3. Well written Dusty!! And ….WOW, God is using you, for real!

  4. Karen

    Then again, we have to remember that sometimes the answer to our prayers is “No”.

  5. Angie

    I believe it was the prophet and psalmist, “Garth Brooks”who wrote it well, “sometimes i thank God for unanswered prayers”. This is so true and i am so glad that He always answers even thou His answer maybe no. Although I believe that we do have the mind of Christ. Isiah was old covenent and now the Kindom of God has come and now He is in us. They battle i have is like that of my children. I have the drive thru burger king mentality. I want it my way and in my time and not God’s time and way. There is the battle. Just like our kids, in due time they will know the answers for their kids. When my kids say to me that they dont understand I just tell them”, i know you dont and that’s ok, cause you dont have a parents heart. Its not your time yet. If we will just put our faith to work remember that Jesus said that we would be able to do the things he did and greater. Now that is something to think about. I believe that it’s all in time. Timing is everything.
    sorry so long..

  6. Susan Elliott-Kinsey

    Thanks Dusty…needed that reminder! Have a great day!

  7. Oh I have thanked God for the “no”s! I can’t see them all, but there are so many where I look back and just see the No as love and protection. We just finished up John in our bs, and there were so many times where it seemed that Jesus was unclear in speaking to his disiples (at least from their point of view), but in the present, we can see how clear He was, and it is encouraging when the no comes to remember that for me.

  8. Upset in the short run…abundance in the long run.

    Words to live by, sister.

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