I Pray For You, You Pray For Me.

I’m going to take a day or three off from the blog to take care of my youngins.  John Henry has pneumonia, so prayers are always appreciated.  We are not worried, because we know Who is in control.  And, God loves him more than I do.  So, holla!

James 5:16 tells us to “pray for one another, so that you may be healed.”  So, if you’d like, leave a prayer request in the comment section of the post.  I’ll pray for you, and we can all pray for one another.  Cool?

Your comments go directly to my e-mail which goes directly to my nifty iPhone which rarely leaves my side.  You’ll be in my thoughts.  And, I know John Henry will be in yours.

Love y’all.  Mean it.


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21 responses to “I Pray For You, You Pray For Me.

  1. angie

    As pray for your youngin you can pray for mine. He is in his first yr. law school and has finals today and thursday. God has blessed me with 3 of the finest kids. Thank you for your great blogs and your prayer chain…..I know we will see results from this.

  2. your a good mom. tell jh we are praying for him!

  3. Julie Beasley

    Please pray that I find a teaching job in the Savannah area. Bart and I would really love to live in the same house next year!
    I will pray that JH feels better soon!

  4. Kevin

    Please pray for Tina, she lost her husband (54 yrs old) very suddenly, viewing today and funeral tomorrow. I be praying for JH and when Abbi gets home from school she’ll pray for him too! She has that 8yr old faith that goes somehow right to Him.

  5. I am praying for that cool little guy:) Pray for mine..he has a horrible cough that turned into pneumonia last year, hoping to avoid it;)

  6. Susan Hammond

    Precious child is so sick and I am so sorry. I will include him in my prayers today…and you are a chosen child of God and he will answer all your prayers for a speedy recovery. Keep him hydrated, Dusty….Love you too,mean it too!

  7. Amanda Morgan

    God is moving me more and more away from my passion for my daily grind and I ask that you pray over Jeff and I’s financial provisions so that we can make my dream of staying home with our kids a reality. Hooked on Scott Williams blog and he posted about “10 Signs It May Be Time To Move On” on April 21 and I passed every one of them. Fist bump to you Scott! It’s funny, my neck and back hurt all the time, I can’t sleep at night and it’s very difficult to function at work but when I’m with my kids, I get by okay. I still hurt, but it doesn’t seem as bad and it really doesn’t matter because I’m where I want to be. I’m in the life that God blessed me with and with the little creations that He gave me.

    Praying for quick healing for my little brother in Christ. Love you JH!

  8. Dusty….

    Praying for JH and you. It is hard to see our babies sick.

    No prayer request….Just blessed to be in your thoughts.

    Luvs and Hugs

  9. Julie Beasley

    Please pray for me to find a job in the Savannah area. Bart and I really need to be living in the same house next year!
    I will pray that JH is already feeling better!

  10. Dusty Takle

    You are all so awesome. I’m truly praying for all of you.

    • kimberlee huckaby-kilgo

      Praying for your little boy and continued healing. Me? Well, I’d like to send out a prayer request for my hubby and myself. We’ve been married since August – not long, I know. Just praying that God will lead us, guide us and strengthen our marriage. God Bless you all!

  11. marla

    I am so sorry to hear that John Henry isn’t feeling well. I will be praying for him. He will be better soon…I’m sure of it!!

  12. Papa Joe and I have been praying for JH and your whole family. We had to go check on Guyguy? (sp) and Nan last night. They were concerned grandparents.

    Love you bunches,
    Mimi Linda

  13. I hope JH is better and better every day!! NEVER to have pnemonia or any sickness or disease again in JESUS name!! Psalm 103:3. He forgives ALL of our sins, and heals ALL of our diseases!!”!! AMEN!

  14. Gayla

    I am so sorry that JH is sick. It is very difficult to see our little ones ill. I will be praying for all of you. I have no special requests…just if you think about me…say a prayer…love you.

  15. Amy

    My Anna Kate had pneumonia a month ago. She had a couple weeks of antibiotics and steroids and 3 weeks of breathing treatments. She was breathing much better by the end of the first week, so I’m sure he will feel better soon. Now she is recovering from her tonsil and adenoid surgery that she had on Friday. She is doing great, and we’re praying for an uncomplicated recovery. I hope your little man feels better soon.

  16. Love you Dusty Tackle. Yes I do. Still praying for JH and so glad he is feeling better. Miss you tomorrow.

  17. Praying for JH. Will pray again at our weekly Bible study today!

  18. Susan Hammond

    how bout a JH update? Did he have a good night last night? Is Miss Fashionista jealous of all the attention you are giving your sick child? She is too funny!

  19. Sam

    I prayed for him at the church of holy sepulcher.

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