Last night at Eagles Way Church, the youth joined the regular Wednesday service for a time of worship.  I have engaged in worship services for as long as I can remember.  As a matter of fact, my mom still has a cassette tape of me singing worship songs at only four years of age.  I played it for my own children and was excited about their reaction.

“Okay.  We hear it.  Can we listen to Brandon Heath now?”

Not the response I was looking for.  But, hey, my martial arts moves don’t impress them either.

I’m pretty sure that we are born with an innate response to God through worship but still it is something we practice or develop.  I do know that I love to worship my Creator.  And, I can’t imagine not doing it.

When I spoke at EWC on Mother’s Day, I shared a story about how Kris invited one of his pilot friends to the previous Easter service.  Kris doing the whole invitation thing is, in his words, “not his gig.”  I truly love his honesty. 

But, I “encourage” him to do it still.

So, he did.  And, his friend sat beside me.  I was all caught up in worship.  I left the service still caught up in that transcendent moment with God.  When we got into the car, I noticed Kris staring at me with a bit of bewilderment.

“I finally invite someone to church, and there you go double-fisting it God.  What about being seeker-friendly?”  He told me.

I couldn’t help but laugh.  His candor in how he perceived my untimely worship was humorous.  But, also his use of the term “double-fisting it” gave it an entirely new meaning.

Now, let me explain that Kris was not upset.  He was quite funny in his delivery.  However, he was still a little flustered and concerned how his friend may receive my expressions in worship.

I totally get where Kris is coming from.  I just can’t help but to worship my Creator.  The One who holds all things together.  The One who healed my broken heart.  The One who comforts the weak.  The One who makes all things good. 

The One.

In Luke 19, many of Jesus’ disciples were praising Him, and the Pharisees there told Jesus to rebuke them, and Jesus said, “I tell you, if these were silent, the very stones would cry out.”

Our Creator is to be worshipped.  We were created to worship Him.  Whether we make the choice to worship Him ourselves or not, He is still worthy.  And, He WILL be praised.


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6 responses to “Worship.

  1. Cindy Beall

    Still.love this story.

  2. insightful and funny:) kepp em’ coming:)

  3. Renice

    I went to church last night and had not planned on staying because Abby was at home starving & studying for her Biology exam, and asking me to please hurry home with her food. I walked into the service, talked to you for a few, found Maddy a ride home, and suddenly got so caught up in the praise and worship I couldn’t leave. It’s been weeks since I’ve been on stage, due to one thing or another, and I have so missed that special time. I felt overwhelmed in a good way, when I left.

  4. This was well said, well described! I missed last night, since my grandson is here visiting. I know God is hovering over Eagles Way Church, there is NO doubt. It is exciting time to feel His presence.
    Great blog Dusty!

  5. Jaime Fausnaugh

    I loved that story. I miss my church! I’m trying to find one in Dallas/Hiram..until then, I just check EWC website every day!

  6. I can’t sing, I can’t really dance, I can’t play an instrument to save my life…but boy can I worship! I feel it deep in the marrow of my bones, I know that I know that I know that I was made to worship my Creator. It is the most incredible feeling. It’s freedom for me at it’s brightest! I love when music stirs my soul and those moments that you are caught up in worship and you know that the barrier between earth and heaven has been touched, that the angels are praising alongside with you, and that the King is on His throne. Incredible! I just as fully love the moments when I am worshiping out of obedience, when I have to put aside that my little one is playing or talking, that I’m distracted by life, or not in the mood, and still God meets us in our worship. Ahhh.

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