So Far In the Peach State…

My parents have been doing some minor renovations to their home.  I’m still trying to recover from the sheetrock dude whose t-shirt read “I Tried.” 

For real.

John Henry has been enjoying his new electric scooter.  Only one bloody nose so far.  We call that success.

Anna has been enjoying planting flowers and making her mark in the fashion world. 

We’ve all been enjoying the pool in this Southern humidity.  And, by “the pool”, I mean any one who offers theirs to us Takles.

In other news, John Henry is about it lose his first tooth.  Finally.  Anna says it’s not fair that John Henry has a loose tooth, and she doesn’t.  If you ask me, that’s like being envious of someone else’s kidney stones.  Not that pulling a tooth is as violent as kidney stones, but still.  If pulling this tooth is as dramatic as it was when I was a youngin’, may God be with us.

So, what’s the going rate for losing a tooth these days?


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16 responses to “So Far In the Peach State…

  1. Kate

    Kiki’s tooth fairy gives $5 for the first tooth, and $1 for the each of the rest. Just remember to REMIND the tooth fairy. Ours has forgotten before. 🙂

  2. Bonnie

    We do $5 a tooth. Maybe the first one should be more special like $10. Max’s first loose tooth had to be pulled along with another tooth so he had to be rewarded. Then he had to have 4 teeth pulled on the same day. Yep….$20!

  3. Dusty Takle

    So far, I’m going with Kate’s payout. Bonnie’s teeth are a bit pricey. However, I have a feeling that if I stick to the $1 per tooth, Nan & Ga-Ga will come through with more dough. Pur-tee sure.

  4. Susan

    Ditto; first tooth gets $5 but in the form of 5 $1 bills because it looks like more money. After that, the going rate is $1 a tooth.. Also, in my family, half of “free” money goes to the bank where, as John Richard cried, “All I got a one sucker for that $.50.” He ran into the president of the bank’s office and told on the teller. Jim gave him a buck and by family rules, he had to deposit $.50 of it. John Richard is understanding he is not cut out to be a banker~they steal people’s money. Btw, once he asked why I gave them all my money but I say I don’t have any money. “Told you they steal your money but you didn’t listen!” You go John Richard…and, um, well, he did get his first cell phone today..two years ahead of schedule…he called my best friend and cried, “Mommy bought Miles a cell phone and I didn’t get one.” Maybe he will major in sales….

    • Brittany

      Susan, you should start a blog. Funny stuff. 🙂

      I told Carson 9 more years and he can have a cell phone. (He’s 6 months now.)

      But, who knows what technology will bring us in 9 years?

  5. Hey Boo and Dusty what are ya’ll gonna give us when we start loosing our teeth again lol…I go with maybe 20 for the first one…and a prize for Anna

    • Susan

      I just want enough for each tooth that I can replace them with dentures…what’s the going rate of false teeth? $100 a that should come from the geriatric tooth fairy…

  6. Dusty Takle

    Bonnie, do you want to comment on Susan’s children and cell phones? Bonnie says there is no child too young for a cell phone. Actually, she doesn’t say that, but her boys were young, too. I say in this day and age, you can’t err in giving your kid a cellular device.

  7. Bonnie

    I love for my children to have their phones. The problem is that about after a week (if that) I have to remind them to take it with them….

  8. Sandyn

    Good grief! When I was little, we only received a QUARTER from the tooth fairy!!! This is craziness! Do you think if I smile (showing the fact that I have lost all of my baby teeth) REALLY big and share this new found information of the “going rates” that I’ll receive the new advanced and improved payout!?!

    (I’m fairly certain the female tooth fairy of my family reads this blog!) I’ll keep all of you posted on the outcome…

  9. Susan

    Sandyn, no see I only got dimes and nickles and all our my money went into a “college account” that would be given to me when I graduated. The day I graduated, after saving for 22 years, there was only enough money for a Chevette..which I drove like it was a Mercedes Benz, none the less.

  10. lots of comments on the tooth fairy…AAAMAZING

  11. Wow, cost of loosing teeth has gone WAYYY up! lol

  12. Bonnie


  13. Brenda

    My kids got $5.00 for the 1st tooth and then the deal was that if I had to pull it and watch them pitch a fit they got $1.00 BUT it they took care of it themselves, they got $5.00. So, they just got MA MA to pull them all and I got stuck paying the $5.00. Morgan just wouldn’t go to sleep the night she lost her 1st tooth because she thought the big fat scary man on the TV commercial that said he was the Tooth Fairy was going to come into her room. Needless to say, we had to tell her who the Tooth Fairy was so she wouldn’t be afraid.

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