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So Far In the Peach State…

My parents have been doing some minor renovations to their home.  I’m still trying to recover from the sheetrock dude whose t-shirt read “I Tried.” 

For real.

John Henry has been enjoying his new electric scooter.  Only one bloody nose so far.  We call that success.

Anna has been enjoying planting flowers and making her mark in the fashion world. 

We’ve all been enjoying the pool in this Southern humidity.  And, by “the pool”, I mean any one who offers theirs to us Takles.

In other news, John Henry is about it lose his first tooth.  Finally.  Anna says it’s not fair that John Henry has a loose tooth, and she doesn’t.  If you ask me, that’s like being envious of someone else’s kidney stones.  Not that pulling a tooth is as violent as kidney stones, but still.  If pulling this tooth is as dramatic as it was when I was a youngin’, may God be with us.

So, what’s the going rate for losing a tooth these days?


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