A Weighty Issue.

*Originally posted April 16, 2008

Anna:  “What’s this?”
Mommy:  “A scale.  It tells you how much you weigh.  Do you wanna stand on it?”
Anna:  “No.”
Mommy:  “Me either.”

I can somewhat understand the weight obsession….just not fully.  Granted, I have a pair of jeans, you know, the “skinny jeans” that help me gauge my body.  Fact:  I haven’t worn those jeans in 2 years; at least, not without muffin top.  Fact:  I don’t care. 

So, why am I still holding onto a pair of “skinny jeans” that I know I will never wear again without a multiple series of stomach flus?  I really don’t know.  What I do know is that we live in a day where women and even some men (just not mine) are obsessed with their bodies to a detriment.  For real. 

I usually pack a “Lunchable” for my pre-schooler.  Due to the number of his peers with peanut allergies, the classic PB&J is a no-no.  So, a “Lunchable” it is.  The other day, John Henry informed that his friend does “not each ‘Lunchables’,” because her mom says “they make you fat.”  She is five.  I am appalled.

Nonetheless, poor body image has become quite the epidemic, and it truly disheartens me.  I strive really hard to never discuss weight issues around Anna.  I want her to grow up with a healthy self-image, believing who God says she is, not society. 

I also try really hard not to discuss weight issues around Kris.  Once when we went skiing, I wore my mom’s vintage ski bib circa 1982.  I asked Kris the age old question, “How does my butt look?”  My husband, whom I love dearly, replied, “Good.  Wide, but good.”  Yes, in my mind I envisioned hurling his body across the room.  Fortunately, for him, I remembered that he doesn’t always think things through before he speaks.  I love him still.  And, he hasn’t used “wide” and “butt” in the same sentence again.

I love the Psalm 139:14 scripture, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  But, I especially love this NLT translation:  “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!  Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.”

So, when in doubt, remember:  you look mah-velous.


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7 responses to “A Weighty Issue.

  1. Amanda Morgan

    Sometimes I like to say: “my body is a temple… temple of doom.”
    If you can’t laugh, what do ya do?

  2. I am just now becoming comfortable and ok with how my body is. Sad that is has only taken 37 years and really I’m not there all the way. I realize how much I talk(ed) about body issues in front of Reia and Reese and am really trying to now. It’s amazing to me what a habit it is!

    Great post!

  3. Great blog Dusty! sooo true, i always remind myself I am not young anymore, I was thin, in shape at one time. I plan to get back on track soon, but how soon. That is the question. haha. (healthwise I am, but need a plan, a BIG plan) haha!

  4. Karen

    Oh Dusty, thank you, I really needed the laugh.

    I too, have some of those jeans. They used to fit. They still do, if I don’t mind not breathing. I “look” (which should be read as feel) much better with an elastic waistband. That cretin I married oh so long ago won’t point out again how good they used to look. He doesn’t want to go there again. It wasn’t pleasant for him. Nor will he use the phrase “wide load” when describing my hips again. He knew better then & knows even better now. But like you, I love him still.

    Teach Anna about healthy eating & excercise, not worrying about what the scale tells her. Teach her to like fruit better than candy or baked goods & that the fresh air outside can be a source of fun. She’ll be fine. So will John Henry.

  5. Missy

    Apparently the lunchable issue is a big deal everyone. One of our little friends at CHMDO tells people the same thing! It starts so young!

  6. Gailynn

    Thank you Dusty

  7. Unless you are 6, ski bibs never make someone NOT look wide….Its the nature of those beasts 😉

    I dont talk to my daughter about weight – we talk health, if we talk about anything. We tell her she is just beautiful and cute as a button. We also dont keep the candy hidden. Its right next to the grapes on the counter and amazingly enough, sometimes they pick the candy and sometimes they pick the grapes. It all balances.

    We do have friends that do not let their children have sugar and so when they come over, the kids empty my bowl in a matter of minutes….thats sad….

    Its all a gift and its all permissable, but not all is beneficial – especially in large quantities 😉


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