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A Weighty Issue.

*Originally posted April 16, 2008

Anna:  “What’s this?”
Mommy:  “A scale.  It tells you how much you weigh.  Do you wanna stand on it?”
Anna:  “No.”
Mommy:  “Me either.”

I can somewhat understand the weight obsession….just not fully.  Granted, I have a pair of jeans, you know, the “skinny jeans” that help me gauge my body.  Fact:  I haven’t worn those jeans in 2 years; at least, not without muffin top.  Fact:  I don’t care. 

So, why am I still holding onto a pair of “skinny jeans” that I know I will never wear again without a multiple series of stomach flus?  I really don’t know.  What I do know is that we live in a day where women and even some men (just not mine) are obsessed with their bodies to a detriment.  For real. 

I usually pack a “Lunchable” for my pre-schooler.  Due to the number of his peers with peanut allergies, the classic PB&J is a no-no.  So, a “Lunchable” it is.  The other day, John Henry informed that his friend does “not each ‘Lunchables’,” because her mom says “they make you fat.”  She is five.  I am appalled.

Nonetheless, poor body image has become quite the epidemic, and it truly disheartens me.  I strive really hard to never discuss weight issues around Anna.  I want her to grow up with a healthy self-image, believing who God says she is, not society. 

I also try really hard not to discuss weight issues around Kris.  Once when we went skiing, I wore my mom’s vintage ski bib circa 1982.  I asked Kris the age old question, “How does my butt look?”  My husband, whom I love dearly, replied, “Good.  Wide, but good.”  Yes, in my mind I envisioned hurling his body across the room.  Fortunately, for him, I remembered that he doesn’t always think things through before he speaks.  I love him still.  And, he hasn’t used “wide” and “butt” in the same sentence again.

I love the Psalm 139:14 scripture, “I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made.”  But, I especially love this NLT translation:  “Thank you for making me so wonderfully complex!  Your workmanship is marvelous – how well I know it.”

So, when in doubt, remember:  you look mah-velous.


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