Breakfast And Flip Flops Are Always A Good Choice.

I nearly lost my Thin Addictives biscuits I’ve grown, yes, addicted to the other morning while watching The Today Show.  During a food segment, poor Matt Lauer and his gang had to taste a rather large hamburger. 

That’s just disgusting at 8:00 AM.


That’s day food.  Not mornin’ food.  I can’t even think of eating day food until at least 10:30, when I’m usually ready for lunch but force myself to wait at least another 15 minutes.  Of course, I can eat mornin’ food at any time of the day.  Even dinner.  Why is that?  Why is a pot roast nas-stay in the mornings but eggs and bacon perfection for dinner?  And, why are flip flops comfortable year around?

I’m not one of those who can skip the most important meal of the day:  mornin’ food.  However, I don’t consume large mornin’ food portions.  Unless you take me to a breakfast buffet, then game on.

What’s your mornin’ food ritual?  Are you eating a breakfast of champions?


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9 responses to “Breakfast And Flip Flops Are Always A Good Choice.

  1. My ritual is Quaker Oat Squares. I have eaten them for breakfast for years. My grandchildren call it Mimi’s cereal.

  2. kristen fountain

    i love non-morning food in the morning! i would eat chips and salsa for breakfast if i could.

  3. Kevin

    I used to eat cold pizza in the morning, but I’ve upgraded it to nuked pizza! Must be at least a littel warm.

  4. I usually eat in the mornings if my children and grandchildren are here :)….

  5. marla

    Weight Watchers Double Chocolate muffin w/ skim milk or Cinnamon Chex and then a mid morning banana…apparently I get all my fat calories later in the day. 😦

  6. Brenda

    Quacker Oat Granola with Activia Yougart, almonds, and blueberries…all mixed milk please! and I eat it around lunch..don’t do mornings well! lol!

  7. Gayla

    Two cups of joe…I know that I should eat something…usually in a rush, though.

  8. Dusty Takle

    Kristen, GROSS.

    Brenda, I know you don’t do mornings 🙂

  9. As my momma always said, “It’s not what you eat, it’s that you eat.”

    Okay, well my momma didn’t say it but it’s true. I eat breakfast every single morning. Cereal, eggs, toast, fruit. That’s it.

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