Time Travels So Fast.

Last night, I sat on the bed with Anna.  I demonstrated how tiny her feet used to be.  I showed her how I’d kiss them, and she’d giggle.  She loves hearing stories of things she did when she was a baby.  I love remembering them.

Kids 2006

Sometimes, I pause and marvel.

Where did the time go?


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3 responses to “Time Travels So Fast.

  1. And what a blessing …now you are going to get to experience all that with the new little guy or girl…you are a blessed woman Grasshopper 🙂

  2. Brenda

    Time goes too quickly. Keep them little as long as you can and enjoy every moment making memories!

  3. So cute.

    Did I tell you that Noah will be going off to college 8 years from right now?


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