Gifts We Can Give.

I realized something kind of huge last week.

There are areas I don’t serve my husband where I should. 

It’s true.  I recognized this in myself after I sighed at his request for me to go to his office and check the mail.  Check.The.Mail.  Sounds miniscule, I know.  It just seems that with two kids in school, one on the way, and compounding lists to complete, driving twenty minutes one way is not something I want to do.  So, I sigh.  And, I run these office errands with great disdain. 

God convicted me of my attitude in running these little office errands.  He made me painfully aware that I’m not serving my husband in this way.

There are things I’m not going to want to do in my marriage.  But, if I look at those things as a gift I can give my husband, it changes my attitude.  As a matter of fact, I become excited, because I GET to give Kris this gift.

So, the next time your spouse needs something from you, and you are resistant in obliging, remember this:  it’s a gift you can give him.  Or her. 

And, that my friends, keeps the home fire a burnin’. 

Is there a gift you can give your spouse?


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3 responses to “Gifts We Can Give.

  1. Wendy

    Gee, thanks Dusty…or God! lol. I love it when I get a clear sign from God about things.

    It is so nice to be his messenger. You have such a great gift. Love you and all your words. I so needed to hear this. I think I will print it out so I can see it often!

  2. Karen

    Yeah, there’s a gift I can give my husband. Not being subservient to him.

    But, you must realize that my husband Chris is a VERY dominate man. If he gets the idea that I will do whatever he wishes, he will take advantage then get bored. Which is why, when he prayed for a wife to suit him, God put me in his path. I can match him, strength for mental strength. And he so loves the battle sometimes.

    Like the one we have going now. He takes his shirts off & leaves them wrong side out. He will not turn them the right way before throwing them in the dirty clothes. I’m sick & tired of doing it. So he can turn them right side out when he takes them off the hangers.

    A little thing, you ask? Sure, if I were doing nothing during the day. But running our business, tending to the house, the animals & fish, the yardwork, I don’t need to worry about doing something it won’t hurt him to do.

    Sometimes, telling them “no” is a gift in itself.

    As a woman who has been married to the same man for 30 years, whose marriage is vibrant & alive, with both people happy, I think I’m qualified to answer in this respect.

  3. I know this reminds me to be intentional to thank Bruce for all he does for me! And to serve him more often. Thank you!

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