How Fragile We Are.

Angela, a friend of mine, posted this on Facebook yesterday:

“Had a young client today age 9 who has cancer, and I had to shave her head.  She will get her wig from Locks of Love within 4 months.  I have thought about her since she left.  It makes you stop and thank God for a healthy child.”

It makes me stop and consider how consumed I can become with things that, at the end of the day, really aren’t so significant. 

How even when one of my children are home sick with a cold, my life stops and centers on him or her. 

How even in our weakness, He is still so very present, and so very strong.

How precious.

How fragile.

How sweet.

Life really is.

Can we all just take a moment out of our day and pray for a little girl most of us have never met?

Father, we lift up this young girl to You.  You know her name.  You even know the number of hairs on her precious, little head.  Touch her body.  Heal her.  Comfort her.  Restore to her health.  In Your Name that is above ALL Names.



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4 responses to “How Fragile We Are.

  1. Bonnie

    I just love you!!!

  2. Diane Grove Green

    Father, I pray for the multitude of boys and girls and men and women whose bodies and minds/wills/emotions are ravaged by sickness. I thank You that Your Word says to 1st “resist the devil and he will flee” and 2nd to “draw near to God and He will draw near to you”…that in these times when our spiritual mandate to resist is low and our strength wanes from the chronic battle, that YOU take the iniative and tenderly draw near to us with comfort…Your healing Presence brings shalom/wholeness, completeness, healing peace. In the Name that is above every named thing including cancer, pain,discouragement, hopelessness, bad reports…I come into agreement with YOUR will, commanding these things to depart and never come back and to take all symptoms with them..and in the voided places, Holy Spirit fill them up to the overflow….Jesus, yes and amen and amen!

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