Love. It’s A Battlefield.

John Henry stayed home from school yesterday to recuperate from a cold.  Note:  Guitar Hero does wonders for a six year old under the weather.  Or when you’re simply “not on top of the weather” as I’ve heard my husband say.  Pardon him.  He tends to get American clichés a little confused with….with, I don’t know what. 


I walked Anna to the library yesterday morning.  It’s her initial destination before walking to her class.  I stopped by John Henry’s class to inform his teacher he would not be in attendance.  On my way out, I heard one, lone, loud voice belting out, “Why does love always feel like a battlefield!  A battlefield!  A battlefield!” 

I don’t think it comes as a surprise to any of you it was Anna.  None of her classmates joined her anthem.  I scurried straight up to her and told her she should pipe down in the school hallways.  Then, I was relieved I corrected her “butterfield” to “battlefield” only a couple of days prior to her hallway debut.

Long before Jordin Sparks started tearing up the airwaves with her recent hit, Pat Benatar proclaimed “love is a battlefield.”  I have single girlfriends who will say “Amen” to that sentiment.  And, knowing some of their experiences, I tend to agree.  But, once you’re married?

Love can still feel like a battlefield.  It’s just a different battle.  It’s not a battle between husband and wife.  It’s a battle to maintain your marriage.  One in two marriages will end in divorce.  So, you unquestionably have to fight to keep the love alive and the commitment strong.  Even in scriptures Paul proclaims if you marry, you’ll have trouble. 

So, to my married readers, I say FIGHT for your marriage. 




So, when you’re old, gray, going to bed by 8, and excited for the new Dancing With the Stars season(or, perhaps, that’s just Big Mama), you’ll turn and look at your spouse and be glad you did.

And, for those of you thinking, “It’s too late for me”:  Never give up. 

Coming from a girl on a second go ‘round.


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9 responses to “Love. It’s A Battlefield.

  1. Excuse me I go to bed at 9 pm! Great reminder Dusty

  2. Great write up Dusty! I agree, marriage is hard, committment is the key, forgiveness is a must! Being intentional is needed. Thank you!

  3. Sabrina

    I heard that girl! I’m on my second go round also & September 12th will be my 17th wedding anniversary & I’ll keep on battling! It’s definitely worth the fight!

  4. It preaches, Dusty! Amen, and hallelujah!! (wavin’ my white hanky over here)

  5. Karen

    I agree with Lynn C, it’s tough. Sometimes, sheer tenacity is called for as well. When our marriage hits a rough patch, stubbornness holds us. Then reality hits & it isn’t as bad as we thought.

    This is my 2nd go round as well & we just passed our 30th anniversary.

  6. Barbara

    So true! God meant for marriage to be good (not always easy) but definitely part of His wonderful plan. I heard a comment/excuse just this morning from a recently divorced celebrity (with 8 children). He is 32 dating someone who is 22 and truly believes
    “it isn’t his fault, you can’t choose who you fall in love with.” Oh yes you can, when you are married, love is an everyday choice!

  7. You gotta fight! For the right!……. wait

  8. Brenda

    Amen, Barbara! He could chose but just didn’t want too.

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