There Is No Vaccination For Moments Like These.

I had every intention on writing something deeply spiritual – a recent heart check, if you will.  But, the only words that seems to glide off of my fingertips are ones of PLEASE, DEAR JESUS, MAY I NEVER EXPERIENCE A MOMENT LIKE THAT EVER AGAIN WITH ONE ANNA TAKLE.

It’s no secret it’s flu season.  Believe me, it’s NO secret.  The entire state of Oklahoma has consumed the majority of the distributed flu vaccinations.  And, I’m not talkin’ H1N1.  Just the old rag-u-lah flu shot.  When my pediatrician’s office called yesterday to inform me they were cancelling my kids’ Wednesday appointment due to “We are slap out of ‘em,” I knew I had to take matters into my own hands. 

As it turned out, the local health department was hosting their first free clinic yesterday. 

Do you know what free means? 

It means everybody and their uncle would be in line for the vaccination.

So, I waited.

And, I waited.

With my two children.

In the misty rain.

And, I was not leaving there.





John Henry was first up.  He sat calmly and never peeped.

Then, Anna.

Sweet Jesus, then Anna.

Put on a display that I could never describe….no actor could ever portray….no eye has seen… ear has heard….

What the entire city of Oklahoma and surrounding counties heard in those ten minutes.  TEN. 

Finally, the nurse offered an intra-nasal vaccination.  Quite frankly, I’m no fan of this method. 

But, I no longer had an opinion.  I just wanted to get out.  And run.  Far, far away. 

I let the very patient nurse administer the intra-nasal vaccine.  And, I ran.

To McDonalds.  Because, I promised.

It is moments like these I become so profoundly aware that motherhood is not for the faint of heart.  It’s hard.  It’s a constant questioning of a mother’s decisions.

It’s a mission to point my children toward Christ.

To cultivate character and respect.

To decide whether or not to call in reinforcements to hold down one four year old for a vaccination or choose another method.

It’s just hard sometimes, friends.

Are there days I would love to go back to my twenties and be childless and fancy free?

Not. A. One.

Besides, I would have never heard, “Mom, I don’t want a blue shot!”

Now, somebody pass a cinnamon roll, and y’all have a great day.


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7 responses to “There Is No Vaccination For Moments Like These.

  1. I cracked up and nearly snorted my oatmeal up my nose reading this. Too funny. I’ll have Jack ask her if she really acted like this or not. And I know she won’t lie to him since she straightened him out last time. 🙂 Please tell us you took a picture.

  2. Gailynn

    My dearest Dusty – I understand and feel your pain. Someday I will privately share the stories of a pediatric nurse. You would be surprised to know that John Henry is the exception to the rule.

    To rest your soul, the nasal route is given to the military and is really good because that is the route the flu takes into the body.

    You handled it greatly! And the love of a mother shines through!!

  3. Bonnie

    we ONLY do the flu mist now(going today in fact)….not a battle I feel that I need to fight!
    You did great girl! How was McD’s??? 🙂

  4. Brenda

    Maybe she thought that she would turn blue since it was a “Blue Shot”! Varucca from Willy Wonka did!LOL!

  5. Marsha

    At least Anna is 4. Maggie is almost 11 and it took 4 of us to hold her down for the injection. All of Griffin could hear her scream!!! Bella stood perferectly quite and still while they gave her the nasal mist, then laughed at Maggie for screaming.

  6. My princess, perfect first child had a dark side. My husband couldnt understand why I drank so heavily on the days Vivi had to have a shot. So I took him….and he saw…and then we toasted our wine glasses together when she was in bed…

    And then my wild child, Will took all 5 at once because he didnt want to come back and would have made John Henry proud.

    Kids….so funny….so likely the cause of alcoholism….

  7. Oh sweet mercy, that is funny.

    And any mother who doesn’t promise McDonald’s after a shot is no mother at all.

    Just sayin’.

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