I Blame This On Lack of Sleep And Growing A Person.

I’m sorry folks.  But, after this week, this is pretty much all I feel like doing:

Anna - sleeping wp

Well, right after I take care of these roots of mine.  (That’s hair talk, boys.)

I know.  You came all this way for this?


Hey.  At least, you got a pic.  And, one must admit, it is cute.

Be back next week with a little heart surgery God’s been doing on me. 

Y’all have a fabulous weekend.


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8 responses to “I Blame This On Lack of Sleep And Growing A Person.

  1. I was expecting her to have a pillow on her forehead…that would have been so funny….love the pjs

  2. Bonnie

    That can’t be comfy!!

  3. marla

    ohhhh! that’s the best sleep right there. she is OUT!!

  4. Falon

    ohh that just made me tear up. That is vintage Anna at her best!

  5. Loved the picture! Love and prayers going up for you and yours!! Blessings!

  6. Hee hee hee! We’ll wait. No worries.

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