Big Mama Loves Me, But She Ain’t Gonna Sing.

Birthdays are just fun.  I spent yesterday morning with my BS’ers, err, Bible Study girls.  They are the bomb diggity and were certain to not let the day pass without a little celebration.

Even if the cookie cake turned out like this:

cookie cake wp

Cindy Beall has many talents.  Decorating cakes is probably not one of them.  Once she wrote “Happy” she quickly realized she’d have no room for “Birthday Dusty;” hence, “Happy Dusty.”  Never mind the fact my friend, Janna, thought it said “Hoppy Dusty.”  Cindy did learn, however, that cookie icing is not the best for writing text.  So, I feel certain she’ll master the art next time. 

Let’s just give her that.  It was a quite tasty after all.

Janna and her youngins treated me to dinner.  She is sweet like that.  But not before Big Mama called me.

“I near ‘bout forgot your birthday ‘til Aunt Faye reminded me.”  Big Mama admitted.

“Um, thanks, Big Mama?”    

Then, I nearly busted a gut laughing when she told me, “I would sing you ‘Happy Birthday’, but there is one note I can never get on that song.”

Oh, how she brings joy to my life. 

Thank you all for your wishes, blessings, and sweet messages.  You all made me feel very special.  For real. 

Love y’all.  Mean it!


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5 responses to “Big Mama Loves Me, But She Ain’t Gonna Sing.

  1. Sooo sweet Dusty! The whole thing, Big Mama always makes me smile, or laugh too!! I am glad you were celebrated so good!! I know value for who you are is important! That is your hearts desire, i know it is, cause you do just that, bring value to others! So, it is reaped as you have sown into others lives!! Love you girl!

  2. Amanda Morgan

    I am so glad that you’re special was blessed!! You are such an awesome individual and bring happiness to so many people. I know that you and your blog brings a smile to my face everyday. Oh, and Miss Cindy can make me a birthday cookie any day… I don’t care what it says!!! She is awesome and it looked delicious! Got milk?

  3. Layna

    That cookie cake alone gave me a good giggle, as did the image of Big Mama saying that to you. If laughing really does add minutes to our lives, than I do believe we’re going to live forever.

    And I love the sleeping Anna shot in your most recent post, by the way. Def worth the two seconds it took to click here.

    I’m sorry to have missed your birthday. Happy days after your Birthday, anywho. Never feel the least bit guilty about sleeping when you’re growing a human inside you. It (along with eating lots of food) is mandatory for a happy pregnancy. 😉

  4. DT, my talents have to stop somewhere.

  5. I was gently reminded of this site when I just saw this post. 🙂

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