What Will Five Look Like?

Anna - Supergirl

Dear Anna,

Tonight, when I gently tuck the covers around your small frame, it will be the last time I kiss my four-year old daughter goodnight. 

Because, when you awaken tomorrow morning, you will be five years old.


Will you still refuse to wear tennis shoes if they are dirty?

Will you insist on being Super Girl for Halloween for a third year in a row?

Will you continue to sing the majority of the thoughts that run through your mind?

What will five look like on you?

I do know that no matter what, you will continue to make me laugh.  You will continue to be one of my greatest sources of fun.  You will continue to know exactly what you like and what you don’t.  You will continue to ask questions. 

You will continue to grow in the knowledge of your King.

Anna Takle, I love the way you love your big brother.  I love your boldness.  I love your determination.  I love watching you learn to love God.  I love how you melt in your daddy’s arms.  I love the way you rub my growing belly and talk to a little brother you’ve yet to meet.

I love every single day with you. 

And, I can’t imagine one second without you.

You are joy illuminated.

I love you birthday girl.



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12 responses to “What Will Five Look Like?

  1. I love….THE RANDOMNESS OF DUSTY TAKLE…you make me laugh or cry every morning…HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNA, A, SUPER GIRL…….:)

  2. Margaret

    She is a joy. I enjoy hearing about her escapades and thinking processes. Give her a birthday hug from Ken and me. Love ya

  3. Julie

    Yay … y’all made it through having a 4 year old daughter! It gets so much easier now … well, until she hits anywhere from 11 – 13 … then the REAL fun begins! Happy Birthday Anna!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ron

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNA T. !!! The world is a better place because of you!! You are awesome!

  5. Kevin

    Dusty, if you think the world is ready, then start it on her birthday. http://www.annatakle.com

  6. Happy, happy Birthday to a Happy go lucky Anna Banana tomorrow!!
    Great blog Dusty, insight, you have a way of opening up ways to show and appreciate love. I always enjoy hearing the life you live naturally! Much love!

  7. Brenda


  8. Happy Birthday Anna!!

    (FYI, Reese cut her hair again the day after she turned 5. You might want to hide the scissors. )

  9. Wendy Verdon

    That is so sweet. She is the cutest thing! I just love hearing about her little escapades! But, I disagree, it does not get easier. It is still fun and you will still laugh, but it only gets harder! Kelci is 7 and man is she hard! I love her to death, but there are days it is so hard! They have a mind of their own and that is good, but it is also challenging. But, you will survive and we will laugh at it all as you write it! Keep it coming! Happy Birthday Little Anna!

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