Lock Up Your Sparkly Shoes.

The names have been changed to protect the innocent.  Except Anna’s.  For, she is not innocent.

So, Anna brings home a headband from school that is clearly not hers. 

Me:  “Anna, where did you get this?”

Anna:  “I found it on the ground at school.”

Me:  And who does it belong to?

Anna:  “Hmm.  It might belong to Lucy.”

I think you all know what conversation followed.   The whole taking things that don’t belong to you, etc, etc.  And, I explained to her how she would need to return said headband to Lucy with a heartfelt “I’m sorry.”

She responds…

Anna:  “Well, at least I didn’t take Susie’s new sparkly shoes she got from a garage sale.”

Lord Jesus, help me.


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15 responses to “Lock Up Your Sparkly Shoes.

  1. Well, I think that is hugeeeee…cause that girl do love her some sparkly stuff…:)

  2. That is too funny!!! However, it is so nice to see how you are teaching your children about character. Love ya!!

  3. Destiny DeLoss

    I’ve laughed until I’ve cried.
    Considering I had to take child in this morning for a brief chat with the Kindergarten teacher. My 5yo can’t figure out how to defend her lunch box, but I’ve figured out why she is starving at 3pm.
    Dear Lord, help us!

    • Dusty Takle

      Oh no. Poor girl! Well, Anna could care less about food, so she’d be safe there. But, if it sparkles, well….Let’s just say Anna Takle has been warned 🙂

  4. Missy

    Hmm, this situation sounds familiar. Guess she has moved on from magnets!

  5. Ha ha hahaha ha, loved it Dusty!! Made my day begin with a hardy laugh!!! Thank you!!!

  6. Woke up in a bad mood. Now I’m in a good mood. Thanks, DT. 🙂

  7. Layna

    What is it with kids and claiming things they find on the ground (or floor of stores, for that matter! big issue with the Fulop kids!) as their own?

    Nice to hear it’s not just my kids. I love your daughter. 😉

  8. Wendy Verdon

    Oh my goodness! She could sure give Junie B. Jones a run for her money! I am laughing so hard.

    You have to get the Junie B. Book, Junie B. Jones Is Not a Crook! It is too funny! We just finished it and it was talking about her finding something that did not belong to here while she actually lost her furry mittens.

  9. It’s even funnier the 2nd time.

  10. Gayla

    I needed that!!! TOO FUNNY!!

  11. Proud of her amazing self control.

  12. I love your kid. And I’ve never even met her. Hilarious!

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