Oh These Blessings.

Dear Mom,

I am glad that your haveing a baby.  I love you with all my hart.  Your the best mom ever.  You are my favrit mom.


John Henry

Sorry, but the “best mom ever” title is taken.  John Henry said so.

I’m so thankful for a son who is thoughtful.

I’m thankful for a daughter who makes me laugh.

I’m thankful for a baby boy who kicks my ribs in the middle of the night.

I’m thankful for a husband who always strives to do what is right.

And, most of all, I’m thankful for a King who knows me by name.

Enjoy the people God has placed in your life this Thanksgiving holiday. 

I’m going to enjoy mine.

Happy Thanksgiving!


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5 responses to “Oh These Blessings.

  1. That is just too sweet…you are one of my favrit people too and I am glad you are having a baby…HAPPY THANKSGIVING…LOVE YOU

  2. Brenda

    JH is so sweet and Anna is so funny. JH spells better than some adults I know. LOL! I am glad you are having a baby too! Give the family a hug and kiss for me. See ya Christmas! Love ya!

  3. Loved the note John Henry left you!! Appreciate you, love your folks, very thankful for them! Love my family and friends too!! Have a great turkey day!

  4. marla

    So Sweet!! You should frame it! I have all my notes, cards, and things my boys made me hanging in my walk-in closet where I get ready so that I can look at them everyday. Mine are older now so I don’t get too many notes (haha) but I cherish the ones I have. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!! Love you guys!


  5. Mom

    Yes, crying again… lol Dusty, you ARE the best Mom ever and you ARE my “favrit” too. I am so thankful for my beautiful family, a wonderful daughter who is a beautiful inside as out, an awesome Son who loves his family with all his heart, and 3 incredible grandchildren, 1 who is my “heart”, 1 who is my “joy” and the 3rd who is my “life”! I AM so blessed!

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