Born Into His Destiny.

I have to keep this short and sweet, because I have a plethora of Christmas festivities yelling my name in anticipation. Like eating my mother-in-law’s lace cookies and taking a nap later. But I, at least, wanted to share something completely awesome my dad shared this past Sunday. Something I had never heard before about the birth of Christ.

You know the story. Jesus was born in a manger (Anna says this could also be called a barn. She’s brilliant, folks.) Nowhere around was the comfort of a sweet, plush blanket to cradle Him in. So, He was wrapped in a swaddling cloth. These swaddling cloths were not just random pieces of material.

They were burial clothes.

The burial clothes used during this time to wrap the bodies of those passed.


Come on. This is God we’re talking about.

He so loved the world that He sent His son…..

He was born for the cross.
For you. For me.

He was born into His destiny.

And, I can never look at a nativity scene the same again.

I’m continually overwhelmed by a God who loves us so much.


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5 responses to “Born Into His Destiny.

  1. Bonnie

    It was a long way (anna’s arm movements) to Bethlehem.

  2. I am so grateful for Jesus being born that day, and for the freedom and life with salvation. The strength He gives me each day. The peace that passes ALL understanding, the Holy Spirit too!! Merry Christmas Dusty and familY! You bless us so much by your blogs!

  3. Brenda

    So if we go by Anna’s story and He WAS born in a barn, He can leave the door open and never get in trouble! WOW! What a revelation….He does ALWAYS leave the door open!

  4. Peggy

    just as it was no coincidence that the wise men brought: Gold, Frankincence, and Myrhh!
    Love these nuggets to deepen our beliefs.

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