Before You Were Born.

I really do need to be still.  And, apparently quiet.  I’m sure if you asked my husband and children, they’d bear witness.  Take last Thursday morning, for example.  I was certain my two children were hiding from me, and it was time to go to school.  I turned into Monster Mom and threw out a warning or three.  Kris immediately turned to me and pointed towards our family room. 

“They are sitting on the sofa,” he said softly. 

“Ohhhhh,” I replied lacking all ability to redeem to myself.

I then heard my husband tell the children, “Come on kids.  Let me take you to school where it’s safe.”

Hence, my theory that they would appreciate some stillness with a little quiet on top.  But, the unpredictable mood swings will all be a distant memory before we know it, yes?  We have finally begun to get ready for the arrival of Jett.  That’s his name, by the way.  We are in the process of turning our guest room into Jett’s nursery.  My other two little people refer to the guest room as “Nan’s room.”  Anna has thought it unfair that Jett gets Nan’s room.  Last night, she locked the guest bathroom door.  When, we questioned her about it, she said, “I don’t want Jett to come out and mess with Nan’s stuff.”

It’s a whirlwind here, folks.  But, it’s a good whirlwind.

Because, God is right in the middle of it. 

I’m growing this awesome baby boy. 

Who is going to bring so much joy to this family.

My prayer is that he knows how excited we are to meet him.  How much we love him.  And, more than anything else, how much his heavenly Father loves him…..Who already met him long ago.

I knew you before I formed you in your mother’s womb.  Before you were born, I set you apart…. Jeremiah 1:5

You see?  There are no accidents.  Because, God knew YOU before YOU were born, too.


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4 responses to “Before You Were Born.

  1. Loved how you shared the first paragraph, then the two lines afterwards. (chuckle) hilarious!

    You are such a good writer! Especially loved the part about Nan’s room, the bathroom Anna is protecting. Sooo cute!! Yes, I believe that baby will be adored! Even by Anna Banana! Blessings!

  2. I was wondering how they were gonna feel about the room lol….too cute….:)

    • Dusty Takle

      It’s funny. At first, they thought it unfair that Jett gets Nan’s room. They feared he was getting the biggest room. I explained that Nan’s room is actually the smallest room. I don’t know if they believe it. Nan is so big in their lives I think they look at her room that way. 🙂

  3. Mom

    My heart melted when I heard that JH & Anna was trying to “protect” Nan’s territory….I know I have the most wonderful grandkids in the world! (I’m sure all grandparents feel that way too) 🙂 I can hardly wait to meet Jett, yes Dusty, he is already loved so much…I have my Heart <3(JH) my Joy (Anna) and I'm about to have my Life (Jett)..Although, your Dad keeps saying that Jett will be HIS boy…since I have JH & Anna…we will see…… 🙂 I love you my baby girl….yes you are and will always be MY BABY GIRL~

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