I Love His Blue Eyes, Too.

He gets into trouble just like any other seven year old boy.  He can be silly.  He loves to entertain us with his renditions of songs from Elvis to the Steve Miller Band to our hometown’s Death On Two Wheels.  Then, he’ll hear David Crowder’s “How He Loves Us” and sing it with such a worshipful heart that he melts mine every single time. 

He’s just a really cool kid.  Of course, I could be slightly biased.  

Throughout my pregnancy, he has been patient.  Understanding.  And, always concerned for me.  He asks me daily, “Mom, how are you feeling?  Are you feeling okay?”  He has brought me breakfast in bed more than once.  The toast is always a little heavy on the strawberry preserves, but it’s perfection in my eyes.  And, when he prays out loud, he always prays for me and his little brother. 

I’m really not sure how I got so blessed, but I could not be more thankful that he is my son. 

John Henry, I love, love being your mom.


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7 responses to “I Love His Blue Eyes, Too.

  1. Lindsey Takle

    Dusty, oh how you have me in tears…Recently when you guys were here, I remember watching lil’ Mr. J.H. at EWC singing loudly and proudly with such passion. I could have watched him all day sing his praise! He has such a sweet and nurturing heart. Love him!

    • Dusty Takle

      Just wait. As Liam gets older, that little boy will melt your heart even more than he does now…if you can imagine that.

  2. Brenda

    JH is a VERY Special boy and we are SOOOO blessed to have him in our lives! He has such a tender heart and the most beautiful blue eyes of anyone I know! I love you too, JH! Can’t wait for our beach trip this summer!

  3. Loved the blog, & the heart of a Mother…JH does have the most beautiful eyes for sure!! Happy he looks after you!! Good trait.

  4. Sharon

    He is such a honey! And a such a blessing with his tender little heart.

  5. That is redemption right there.

  6. Jenny Doss

    Oh my goodness…how sweeeet! It’s amazing how we love our children more & more & more…

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