Sometimes, I Think I’m Good At Doing God’s Job.

My friend, Robin Storch, said something that was pretty life-changing for me recently.  For real!  Life-changing!  She was sharing something God had showed her, but followed it up with, “But it’s not my job to convince him of anything.”

I know.  It sounds simple.  But, I find that whenever God shows me something about someone or something, I always feel compelled to convince the other party, usually my husband, to step forward in that direction.  After all, God told me so.  Shouldn’t he trust the voice of the Father in my life?  But, in reality, it’s not my job to convince him or anyone of what God tells me. 

Because, I’m not the Holy Spirit.  But, I do play a good one.  Okay, I don’t.  But, I like to think I do.

I can only share my heart, and leave it.  I have to trust God to show Kris or whomever this concerns when HE is ready. 

So, that is it. 

It’s not my job to convince someone else of something God shows me. 

He’s God.  I’m not.  I’ll let Him do His thing.

He’s better at it.

Do you ever try to be the Holy Spirit?


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4 responses to “Sometimes, I Think I’m Good At Doing God’s Job.

  1. That takes prayers, self control to not step in, I have tried to be the Holy Spirit for my husband. I have to jump back quick, it doesn’t work as good. Things get out of control when I try. lol…good topic, hard struggle at times. THanks!

  2. christie

    yep, just neva seems to work out too well…..

  3. Eliz Doss

    Dursty, been totally struggling with this lately. I sometimes have a hard time believing that God has control and I don’t. Crazy, I know. I reason with myself that because God told me something, that that means he can’t do it, so I have to take control. God’s been totally revealing my unbelief in him, and how I need to TRULY trust him in all areas. So my prayers usually start with, “God, help my unbelief”.
    That was longer than I thought sorry! Just totally spoke into what’s going on with me!

  4. Ms. Deleise mentored me in this recently with her HS story…. I wanted to convince my hubs of what God told me until I realized that if He did it to my heart – He can to it to the Hubs and that the Hubs was God’s “problem” and He could sure take care of it Himself 🙂

    And He did. Better than I could and He is still working His will in it….

    He so rocks – just amazingly, perfectly, better-than-I-ever-could – ROCKS!!

    Love you girl!

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